Free Press Journal

Laws Of Nature & Bliss


A single cell becomes the whole body. Somewhere it be comes fingernails, somewhere it becomes the nose and tongue, but everything is a manifestation of a single cell. In the same way, the entire universe is made up of a single substance.

Bliss cannot be understood and it is extremely difficult to achieve. After many lifetimes you finally achieve bliss, but once achieved, it is even more difficult to lose. All that you seek in your life is bliss, that divine union with your source, and everything else in the world distracts you from that goal. There are a million things to distract you from that goal in so many ways – so many unexplainable, incomprehensible ways of not coming home.

The mind is kept alive by cravings and aversions. Only when the mind dies does bliss dawn. Bliss is the abode of all divinity, all devas. It is only possible to comprehend bliss, to uphold it in this human body. And having had a human life and having known this path, if you still do not realize this, you are at the greatest loss.

Cravings and aversions make your heart hard. There is no use being polite in your behaviour if you are rough in your heart. If your behaviour is rude it is acceptable, but not if you are rough in your heart. The world does not care how you are inside. It will only see your behaviour. The Divine does not care how you are outside – He only looks within. Never let even a small amount of dislike or craving reside in your heart. Let it be fresh, soft and fragrant like a rose.

It is such an illusion – you dislike someone or something, and this only makes you hard and your hardness takes a long time to soften, to disappear. It is such a trap for keeping you away from the treasure.

Nothing in this material world can give you contentment. An outer-looking mind seeking for contentment gets more discontented and the discontentment grows, and complaints and negativity start hardening the brain, clouding the awareness, the aura, and forming a huge cloud of negative energy. When the negativity reaches itspeak, like an over-inflated balloon, it bursts and comes back to the Divinity.

You can never escape the Divine, the long route of negativity, or the instantaneous positive approach. When Divinity dawns, in no time, the shift happens from untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from dull inert matter to sparkling spirit. When the heart is hard, there is no fun. You cannot experience fun.