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Knowledge And The Spiritual Master


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Do not follow me. In fact, you cannot follow me, because I am behind you to push you forward. You have to leave everything behind and move ahead. All your experiences, your relations – everything is a part of the past. Drop everything. Leave the whole world of your memories behind, including me.

Move on. Stop looking for more; be free. Then compassion will flow from you.

Question : When people do not follow anyone, is it usually not out of fear or rebelliousness?

One kind of “do not follow me” comes from fear or rebelliousness. Another kind comes from a heightened awareness

.You cannot follow me because I am behind you and I am in you. For too long you have been a sheep; now it is time to be a lion.

How do you feel if someone praises you?

Answers: Shy, happy, great, embarrassed…

It does something to you, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t do anything to me! When you praise the moon, the mountains, Lake Lucerne, the Black Forest… it doesn’t do anything to them. They remain the same. Just like that, I am part of nature. If you enjoy praising me, you may do so. In fact, you have no choice! You can do with me whatever you like; I am there for you. I am your toy!

You are lost on the street. There is rain, thunder, wind and cold; you need shelter. You look around and you find a door. You come to the door because it is more inviting, more charming, more joyful than anything out on the street.

When you enter the door of the Master, you come Home. You see the world from a new perspective. From inside you can still hear the thunder and see the rain, but it no longer disturbs you. Inside there is warmth and security. The world looks much more beautiful – not a nasty place, but a place filled with love, cooperation, compassion. Your fear drops away.

When you can see the whole world through the eyes of the Master, it is a sign that you have come to the Master; you have entered the door. This is the purpose of having a Master. (Contd…)