Join the Boardroom as Buddhas


Every corporate house is experiencing tremendous pressure in this growing competitive world. Work pressures are definitely on the heads of employees, executives and management. Stress is seen at every level in the organisation. Executives are great assets to the organisation. They are paid for their thinking skills. But apart from their knowledge, skills and techniques, their mental state plays the most vital role. Executives are decision makers. And a happier mental state leads to making the best decisions. A mind of a happy person has more space for inner intelligence to flower. This person is a realized soul who I like to call a Boardroom Buddha.

Happiness does not only relate to monetary benefits. I agree that materialistic things make us feel good. However this is not happiness but pleasure and pleasure is the realm of the mind. Happiness is more internal, deep rooted and in the realm of the heart. Despite of the external perks, if one has deep rooted hurts, wrong preconceived notions, wrong thinking patterns, we cannot overcome stress. Causes of stress are usually not work related but manifest in the workplace, because it is most stimulated there. We all carry charges of our hurts, bad relationships, bad childhood, physical ailments, which manifest as stress.

To be happy one has to deal with inner conflict. Once our inner world is free of saturation it starts affecting our intellect, leading to a free flow of thoughts and ideas. Then we will radiate positivity and in turn our energies will affect the functioning of the entire organization. Whilst we all wish to look forward to going to office the next day, the secret lies in tapping your inner self to beautifully function in the corporate world.

Unfortunately most organisations have always stuck to the technicalities of finding happiness which provide only superficial solutions. Motivational speeches and inspiring Power Points have temporary effects. To truly change our mental states permanently we have to dig deeper. We have to tap into higher energies. Think of it as a surgery on your astral body. There are many simple ways to achieve this state through meditations, breathing techniques, yoga etc. But for a successful surgery you need the best surgeon. This is why I insist on having a Guru.

Until now people ran away from the words ‘spirituality’ or ‘guru’ but in today’s day and age there is no escaping it. I have conducted many corporate workshops insisting upon bringing on an internal change at an astral level. And with the blessings of my Guru I have been very successful at bringing on a shift in employees as well as executives.

All basic humanly methods to find peace have been tried, tested and failed. Everyone is now slowly turning to some form of metaphysical assistance. It is the need of the hour. We all need to rise above ourselves to make a better world. It’s time the corporate contributes as they can be the real game changers. It is time we joined the boardroom as Buddhas.


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