Free Press Journal

It’s time we start loving ourselves


…and tell the Universe that we have not forgotten the most basic element of happiness and peace

In a day, so many tasks we undertake that at the end of it we lose the count. We seldom remember all the tasks we undertook unless they were major ones or predefined. We are often referred to as Human Robots. Are we really one? In the mad rush for survival or in the pursuit of loving others – have we forgotten to love ourselves?

We love our parents, we love our spouse, we love our children, we love our friends, we love our pets/plants, we love almost everything that surrounds us that is near and dear to us. But the harsh reality is that we seldom love ourselves. Last week, I came across a paragraph with meaningful wordings that I read it several times. And every time I read, it brought out different aspects of neglect towards oneself.


In the very beginning when I read it, the first thought that came to my mind was- when was the last I removed time just for myself? The so-called ‘ME’ time. Those moments where there is none but just me and myself. Isn’t it one of the most primary way of loving oneself?

On the second read, I remembered those days when I used to head straight towards the nearest library, pick up a book of my choice and get submerged into it so much that I would forget temporarily the world around me. Wasn’t it a way to love oneself?

On the third read, I recollected those days when I woke up early in the morning and go for a walk on the beach or garden. Unlike today where everyone is seen walking briskly or running in the jogger’s park with set time frame, my walks had no fixed time. With several questions in my mind I used to walk and when I would get answers to most of them, I would return back home. Trust me, I could find solutions to most of the complicated issues in life witnessing the rising sun. How many of us do that now? Wasn’t it a way to love oneself?

As I read it for one more time, it took me back to those simple things I used to do for myself but just stopped doing them with the passage of time. I really don’t know why I stopped doing those things that gave me so much happiness and peace? As you grow old should you stop loving yourself? While we care for our near and dear ones, shouldn’t we love ourselves too?

It’s time we start loving ourselves, it’s time we once again seek time for the soul within us that once gave us immense happiness and peace. It’s time we come out of the self-designed moulds of Human Robots and tell the universe we love ourselves just the way we once used to.