Free Press Journal

Guiding light: Twice Born


The purpose of life is not to succeed alone but to strengthen our connection with God and manifest the potential and talents given to us. After all, success is not our ultimate goal in life. Our goal in life is to be ourselves to prove our uniqueness, identity and be a do-gooder in our relationships. Ultimately, you must be able to say, “I had such a wonderful life and I wish I had realized that sooner. If I am asked to live again by chance, I would not commit the same mistakes but do better things to make the world brighter.”

In Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, a remarkable Goblin (Spirit) produced a mirror in which everything beautiful is reduced to zero and everything ugly is magnified to a frightening extent. Our thinking is something like that where we magnify darkness and reduce beauty, heroism and nobility. The opening line of ‘your sacred self’ is you have been facing the wrong way. You don’t find the courage to change by facing the correct way. When you can’t see what is behind you how can you blame the world instead of yourself? Turn around and see it for yourself.

Once a Psychotherapist told me about a client who was totally depressed. The therapist asked,“Have you been noticing this depression?” The patient replied in the affirmative. Then the therapist said, “That is not true. You have not been noticing the depression; you are only identifying with it. If you tackle the core issue, it will disappear. Depression is only a feeling. You have to change the feeling by focusing on something pleasant.”

There are two people residing within us. That is why man is called Dwija i.e. twice-born, one from the mother called ‘genetic birth’ and the other out of himself. Once the second birth takes place you are on your way to realize more from what you are doing. Everyone has ups and downs, problems and solutions, happy moments and sad settings. The way to stabilize is not to consume the present altogether but keep something for the future. If your worth is to be on the top always, what will you do when the cheers stop and you are no longer on the top? Outdoing the other guy takes its toll. Outdoing yourself and emerging as a new person makes you strong, confident and happy.