Free Press Journal

Fulfillment in surrender


If we would embark on the great adventure of limitless being, we must be willing to release ourselves and our desires to the will of God. Many persons take a dim view of such a gloomy sounding prospect, perhaps because they have never known God or because they have never known the nature of God. They do not know a God of joy. They only know a God of sorrow and of suffering. Their vision might be clouded by deeply ingrained concepts of a God of wrath, a God of judgment and a God of revenge. In God, there is no suffering, there is no sadness, and there is no pain.

When we surrender to the will of God, we should know that we are releasing ourselves to unlimited joy; we are releasing ourselves tounlimited fulfillment. What this surrender will do in our experience, we need not know. What we need to know is its true meaning. Surrendering to the will of God means we have to be willing to let God guide us. By doing so, we will not be buffeted about by the winds of chance and any kind of change. Instead, we will be led step by step up a straight path, and narrow path, which eventually broadens into a great highway, infinity itself, expressing as limitless joy, peace, love, and fulfillment. This is God’s will for each of us. In our surrender to that will, God expresses and fulfills Himself as us, and always in an individual way.

If an idea of something to do comes to us as the fruit of spiritual unfoldment, the means for accomplishing it will be provided. But if it is our personal will or our personal idea, it may succeed, or it may fail. With a spiritual idea there are no if’s, and’s, or’s and but’s. We can be sure that every spiritual idea embodies its own fulfillment.

When a spiritual idea related to business comes, whatever is necessary will be provided: customers, capital, employeesand wise management. If specific information is needed, divine wisdom leads us right to that information. Divine intelligence provides for the fulfillment of the activity every step of the way. It is amazing how Spirit works when we are willing to surrender our desires and become beholders of God’s activity.