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Just as your car runs out of fuel and you have to refill it again and again, so your dedication and commitment run out over the course of time. They need constant renewal. You have to dedicate and rededicate again and again. Often people take their dedication for granted, and then the mind starts demanding or complaining. When dedication is not complete, it leads to grumbling and complaints. Total dedication brings enormous enthusiasm, zeal, trust, and challenge. Total dedication leaves no room for ego.

Vienna, Austria

May 21, 1997

What breaks intimacy?

  • Taking a position, or ego
  • Desires
  • Expectations
  • Insensitivity or too much sensitivity
  • Judgments
  • Taking intimacy for granted
  • Finding imperfection in yourself or others
  • Grumbling or lack of gratitude
  • Lack of vivekor vairagya– discretion or dispassion

Intimacy is dissolving into infinity, which brings you to the moment. You go beyond the events. Look beyond the events, dissolve into infinity, and be in the moment.

This is the way to maintain intimacy.

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