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Intentions keep the tension in. Being hollow and empty means dropping all intentions. Within tension, rest does not become deep. But devotion dissolves intentions. Intention pushes you to the future but bliss is always in the present. The one who wakes up to this truth is wise. Occasionally, if an intention arises in a state of bliss, the intention can manifest effortlessly.

The more intentions you have, the more “in tension” you will be. To minimize your intentions could be your last intention.

For your prayer to be answered, your desire must be intense. The greater the intensity of your desire and the later it gets fulfilled, the greater will be your gratitude.

Intense desire leads you to devotion. For desire to become intense, some time and the need are required. When a desire is fulfilled, it loses its charm and significance in the overwhelming feeling of gratitude. The son of a farmer in India had a lifelong desire to go to England, and he prayed deeply for it. When the news of his trip finally materialized, he was filled with such immense gratitude that he no longer cared whether he went or not.

People think that they are unfortunate if their desires are not fulfilled quickly. Intense desire can frustrate you or make you prayerful. In prayerfulness, there is gratitude and devotion.

Any intense experience makes you whole. Your consciousness is like corn: With the heat of Knowledge, consciousness pops up and becomes white and fluffy.

Attaining the Divine depends on the intensity of your longing and not on the time or qualifications. A proverb among the villagers in India says, “It may take some time to pluck a flower, but it takes no time to meet the Divine.” Your abilities or qualifications are not the criteria – it is simply the intensity of your longing.

Intensify your longing for the Divine right away. This happens when you know that you are nothing and that you want nothing. Knowing that you are nothing and that you want nothing brings a sense of belonging, and belonging intensifies longing.

What is the difference between desire and longing? Desire is the fever of the head. Longing is the cry of the heart.


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