Free Press Journal

Core of All Religions


Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

Currently a large number of people across the world identify themselves as SBNR i.e spiritual but not religious. The term might be new to Indians , but fresh research shows that perhaps one in every five persons living in USA describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. This phrase probably means different things to different people. However the whole confusion stems from the fact that the words spiritual and religious are often mistakenly understood as synonymous terms.This is mainly because both connote belief in a Higher Power of some kind, both also imply a desire to connect, or enter into a more intense relationship with this Higher Power, and, finally, both connote interest in rituals, practices, and daily moral behaviors that foster such a connection or relationship.

Religions generally have a preponderating amount of faith which, often, may or may not find any support from reason and which may even be opposed to facts known through proper enquiry, experimentation and evidence. Also, Religions have lot of rituals, ceremonies, acts and paraphernalia of worship. On the other hand, spirituality, as compared to this, is without these

trammels or has a very negligible amount of these. The main substance of spirituality is values, virtues and rational spiritual beliefs that enlighten a person about the self, the meaning and drama of life, the role and goal and the method of bringing purity and quietude to the mind in a simple, rational and experiential way. Spirituality gives man a wider vision and it takes the whole world in its embrace. It has no touch of extremism or hatred and is altogether free from violence. One would be justified to say that Spirituality is the universal core of all religions. It is a treasure of all that is the best in religions. It is the essence of all wisdom.

The apposite of Spirituality is gross materialism which breeds cut-throat competition and selfishness and leads to struggle for survival. It is Spirituality that leads to harmony and peace. If it does not give all these benefits, then it is not Spirituality; it must be pseudo-spirituality. So, be wise and make the right choice.