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Chaitany Lahari (vibrations) in Sahaja Yoga


In Her discourse H.H. Mataji Nirmaladevi, Founder of Sahaja Yoga said, “Vibrations or Chaitany Lahari, are the feeling of the all-pervading divine power within yourself on your central nervous system.  You can feel this Chaitanya Lahari for the first time after self-realisation, ending up on your fingertips where the sympathetic centres are located. So you start feeling on your hand the universal language which is spoken by the hand on the different centres and thus rapport is established between the spirit and yourself. When you ask a question about any fundamental problem, you either get a cool breeze flowing in to your hand or you just stop it. Sometimes you might get some blisters also if the person is suffering some sort of a great mal-adjustment. You might get numbness if the person is on his way to death or could be very freezing cold. So, the hands start speaking as said by Mohammed sahib: ‘that your hands will speak when the time of resurrection’. And this is the time of resurrection because Kundalini resides in the sacrum, which is the Aquarius. And this is the age-of-Aquarius, this is the age of Kundalini.”

 Today Sahaja meditation is practiced in more than 130 countries by millions of followers.  This costless and effortless meditation is beneficial to individuals not only in having good health but also in their transformation. Once the person starts experiencing or sensing the divine power that is cosmic energy flowing through palms and limbic area, he becomes peaceful and enjoy witness-state.

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