Free Press Journal

Being Good Samaritan


Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

Goodness is the only investment that never fails… Henry David Thoreau

For many of us, the present times are an age of panic where we see lawlessness and increasing crime rate all around the world. But the law of karma — the universal law ensuring justice, makes it clear that nothing unjust can ever occur in this universe.

This means a person going through an experience of pain-turmoil must have committed a wrong in the past to be a recipient of the present suffering.

This leads us to the question that, are those people who were killed in untoward events like natural calamities or a terror strike really innocent as we believe them to be? When we look at the slain children who died in such incidents, we often wonder what did these little ones do to deserve this fate?  as they had barely begun their lives. But going by the law of karma, the tragedy was only an instrument to take them to the fate due to them.

A deep understanding of the law of karma leads us to the realization that nothing unjust can happen in universe and therefore the hard reality is that, as per law of karma, there is no victim. Hence whatever happens in the present is a follow up in a greater just plot.

Therefore we must put an end to the chain of endless thoughts that take us into deep despair when we look at how miserable people’s lives have become. Of course, it is human nature to sympathise and do whatever possible to mitigate human suffering. This brings its own reward, again as per the law of karma.

Remember! none of our good deeds go waste. So if we have committed something wrong in the past, we must make sure not to repeat it in future. So c’mon lets plant a seed of good deed today and lead the task of world transformation from Iron Age to Golden Age where there is lasting peace and joy.