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  • Filmmaker Abninay Deo suggests books that will help you take a vacation

    Top choice
    Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer — Kane and Abel was an ultimate story during the times of war of two people who are growing at the same time in different environments and how their paths cross. That, as a screenplay, was most engaging. The Fountainhead by Ayan Rand – As an architecture student it was almost like my degree was not complete without reading The Fountainhead!

  • Discover homeopathy for better quality of life and healthier future

    Let us go see our homoeopath, when I take her medicine, I don’t fall sick,” said a senior citizen to her son, reminding him to make an appointment. She would have recurrent attacks of asthmatic bronchitis or gastritis. On diabetic and hypertensive medication, she would end up having to be hospitalised once every three-four months for severe attacks or infection. This realisation dawned on her when she kept well for almost two

  • The art of perfect sleep, its patterns, rhythm and more

    The internet is full of articles on how to sleep better. Sleeping better and trying to sleep better may seem like a paradoxical idea. Most people have, at some time or the other, tossed and turned, fought with their pillows, and risen for several bathroom breaks in an effort to catch some beauty sleep. However, it has proved to be illusive.

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    Dialogue with Guru: The reasons for failure

    Once upon a time, there lived a guru and sisya (teacher-student). Both were very lazy, corrupt and drunkard, but, both loved each other. The orders of the master were duly followed by the disciple and the requests of the disciple were always met by the master.

  • Autowallahs of Mumbaipur -I: A series of unfortunate incidents

    I have the plot for the next Anurag Kashyap hit. The plot has conflict, action, drama, tragedy, comedy and just enough masala to make a ‘tasty’ film. Only, instead of the fast cars they are usually seen driving, the stars will be seen travelling in autos, and driving them will be the daredevil stuntmen who do it for a living every day. And then there are the omnipresent cops, who teach us