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  • RCB/Kings XI Punjab IPL match

    Runs, wickets, tweets and likes,sponsers of IPL, all about IPL

    It’s been 10 years that the IPL storm hit us, and every year we celebrate this cricketainment with bigger zest, but this year the franchises are betting high on social media promotions, writes Tapapriya Lahiri

  • Boat ride in Cochin

    Chef Kiran Jethwa shares his love and spirit for travelling

    Celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa shares with Boski Gupta his experiences in the kitchen, outdoor cooking, love for experiments and more…

    Kiran Jethwa is unlike most of us. While we would readily give an arm to stay away from the kitchen for life, Jethwa’s life revolves around kitchen. This Indian-origin celebrity chef knows all the hacks and tricks one needs to be on top of the game. Despite an owner of Seven Seafood &

  • W_pg7_2nd lead 1

    Chromed nails: Why we are obsessed with it

    If you’re already not obsessed with chrome nails, Manasi Y Mastakar will make you fall in love with this fad with her tips on how to get and rock it!

  • organic cosmetic

    Why is oil is great for your skin

    There is a lot more to facial oils than being just the latest fad in the beauty regime. Sapna Sarfare decodes its usage, effects and results

  • W_end_Mar26_lead- pg 5

    Seven shades of Human mind

    These shades make it robust and reinforce its mojo. These are vacuuming, volume, veracity, variety, value, victory and validation of the human mind, writes Ravi Valluri

  • dar

    The fearless dancer: Mallika Sarabhai

    It is impossible to categorise Mallika Sarabhai only as a dancer. She wears many hats but while talking to Boski Gupta she tries to keep the conversation around her skills and performance

    Dancer, actor, choreographer, director, politician, activist… Mallika Sarabhai maybe an amalgamation of several characters in one, but one look at her and you will know that she’s a woman of substance. Independent and uninhibited, Mallika is a name to reckon with

  • mother-baby

    Take it easy, young mothers

    Here are some handy tip to help new moms relax and enjoy motherhood without being overwhelmed