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  • mayan

    Another Mayan find

    Researchers discover a jade pendant said to have belonged to a king

  • cocaine-re

    Sons of cocaine-using fathers at risk of memory loss

    New York: Men who use cocaine at the time of conceiving a child may increase the risk of their sons developing learning disabilities and memory loss, a study has found.

  • fibre

    New flexible material tougher than steel developed

    Tokyo: Scientists have created a highly flexible material that is tougher than steel, by combining hydrogels with woven glass fibre fabric, which may have a wide range of potential applications.

  • dolphin

    Dolphin genes may hold key to treating stroke, kidney failure

    New York: A new database of genes from the bottlenose dolphin may unveil new clues to treat diseases such as stroke and kidney failure in humans, say scientists who have mapped all the proteins found in the marine mammal.

  • post

    Why women gain weight post-pregnancy

    London: Continuing to gain weight post-pregnancy? Do not put the blame on your pregnancy, but on your lifestyle choices post-delivery, researchers say. The findings showed that mothers keep the weight on by eating food off their child’s plate or sitting down for longer periods of time.

  • couple

    How to boost chances of female orgasm

    New York: How women can achieve orgasm is no longer a secret as researchers have just found out what it takes to make your female sex partner reach climax. Deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, or/and oral sex in addition to vaginal intercourse can boost chances of female orgasm, said the study by a team of US researchers.

  • WHO Urges Smokers To Quit On World No Tobacco Day

    Smoking ban in public places may help improve health

    London: Researchers have found evidence that a ban on smoking in public places could be an effective measure to reduce exposure to second-hand smoke which has long been associated with negative health effects.

  • rain

    You have better-connected brain if you are creative

    Washington: Highly creative people have significantly more white matter connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, according to a new study. The study analysed the network of white matter connections among 68 separate brain regions in healthy college-age volunteers.

  • Oscars 2017

    7 oops! moments in the Oscars’ that you should know about from 1933 to 2017

    If you had watched (even if you didn’t social media might have made you aware) the Oscars today you might be aware of the major gaffe, when La La Land was mistakenly crowned the winner of ‘Best Picture’ rather than ‘Moonlight’. Well, this is not the first time, there have been goof-ups at the Oscars, and we peeped in the history of Oscars and found out some just for you. Here you go:

  • NASA-space-poop-challenge-670x388

    Beyond the Moon and Mars

    NASA is planning to put astronauts on a test flight that will take them farther into the solar system