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  • Gayatri Parmar: Woman of steel

    Ujjain : It is often said that perseverance and success go hand in hand. Bridging the chasm of inequality between man and woman, a sportswoman, Gayatri Parmar is creating ripples in our otherwise patriarchal society. She happens to be a national power-lifting and weight-lifting champion, having devoted over 3 decades of her life span to this form of sport. We spoke to her where she candidly gave us an insight into her

  • Cong workers celebrate fall of Karnataka govt

    Ujjain: Several Congress workers assembled at the Shahid Park on Saturday evening in the aftermath of fall the of the BJP government in Karnataka as the CM BS Yeddyurappa resigned soon before the trust vote on the floor of assembly. The party workers celebrated the fall of the BJP government by bursting crackers and distributing sweets. Those present included Anantnarayan Meena, Bharat Porwal, Ajeet Thakur, Sanjay Thakur, Shobha Shrivastava & Deepak Mahere

  • Devotee dies of heart attack

    Ujjain: An elderly devotee died of heart attack at the VIP gate of Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple on Saturday. According to Mahakal police authorities,  Ramesh (60) had come to the city to pay obeisance to Lord Mahakal with 13 friends. Ramesh got a massive heart attack while he was standing in the queue to worship. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead by the doctor. According to police, the

  • Bookies arrested

    Ujjain: Seven bookies were arrested on Friday night by the police after a raid on a hotel at Kotmohalla. According to Mahakal police authorities, Karan Vyas, resident of Singhpuri, Parishramsingh and Shubham residents of Kartik Chowk, Jaqir Bag, a resident of Kotmohalla, Yogesh, a resident of Jaisinghpura, Rakesh Sitaram and Harish Malan of Rajasthan were arrested with 7 mobile phones and cash Rs 40000. The accused were placing bets on e Indian

  • Ujjain: Congressmen protest against rising prices of fuel

    Ujjain: Congress party workers took to the streets on Friday evening in protest against the continuous rise in prices of petrol and diesel. A funeral procession of vehicles was held in which slogans were raised against the hike in petroleum products, effected by the BJP government. They warned that if the Modi Government did not stop inflation, bigger demonstrations would be held in the coming days.

  • Ujjain: Deadly fire at Udyan Marg destroys house, charred body of woman found

    Ujjain: Fire reportedly spread in a house in Udyan Marg at Wagheshwari Colony near Wagheshwari Mata Temple on Friday morning, destroying everything in the house.  The charred body of a woman was also found in the house. The cause of fire eruption is still not clear.

  • Ujjain: Collector Manish Singh holds meeting of management heads, temple priests

    Ujjain: Collector Manish Singh called a meeting of priests and members of management bodies of prominent temples of Ujjain and Ghatiya tehsils on Friday, over temple maintenance. The collector instructed management heads and priests to appoint housekeeping agencies on contract, for maintenance of these temples. The collector also directed management bodies to provide maximum facilities to devotees.

  • Ujjain: Architect threatens UMC engineer

    Ujjain: An Ujjain Municipal Corporation woman sub engineer was reportedly threatened and forced by an architect over obtaining clearance for a building layout. Sub engineer Soumya Chaturvedi posted in the town planning branch in zone number 1, was allegedly threatened by architect Khalid Qureshi over granting clearance for a layout of a building.