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  • Content Marketing Summit Asia 2016 made its Mumbai debut

     (L to R) Optimystix Entertainment’s Sanjeev Sharma; The 120 Media Collective’s Roopak Saluja; i420 Digital Media’s  Abhimanyu R; Havas Worldwide’s Nirmalya Sen;  and GroupM’s Tushar Vyas.

  • Food-wastage

    Retailing Responsibly to Reduce Food Wastage

    “The world has enough for everyone’s needs, not everyone’s greed.”  – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. How true are the words of the Mahatma in a world full of two extremes. On the one hand, you have extreme prosperity, while on the other, extreme poverty. It is an appalling stat, that 795 million people (or 1 out of every 9 people) the world over does not consume enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. On the

  • Retailers ramping up, logistics is their big bet

    Any general, they say is only as good as his army. And anyone will tell you that a war is a-brewing. The war we speak of, is of course for dominance in the e-commerce space. With billions of dollars being poured into e-tail, there’s little wonder why leading e-commerce operators are bullish about future prospects. Heli Ranjan, an independent market research analyst surmises that in the next three years alone, there will

  • Taking Kirana stores into the digital age

    There are few problems that IT cannot solve. When in the early 2000’s e-commerce was being contemplated, IT set the stage for infrastructure that today has made this sector the pulse of retail. When traditional retail needed to compete with the disruptive challenge of e-commerce, it turned to IT for a robust offline (and online) POS system which has leveled the playing field in several ways. Now the next frontier worth Indian

  • lens-camera_studio

    Making Product Photography a part of your core strategy

    “Boss, jo dikhta hain, woh bikta hain!” You must have heard this phrase over a zillion times. Product photography is one of those often ignored elements of the e-commerce business that can prove to be extremely crucial in moving product. A picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this truer, than in the online sales realm. After all, up until two decades ago it was virtually unthinkable that someone would

  • India Retail Forum 2015 – Prepping for an Omni-channel future

    This is truly India’s time. On-going economic adjustments in the world give us a brilliant opportunity to lead global growth. This is how outsiders see it and also how we see it,” asserted Krish Iyer, Chairman, India Retail Forum (IRF) 2015 and President and CEO, Walmart India, as he welcomed delegates and dignitaries to IRF 2015.

  • E-commerce braces itself the year’s busiest shopping season!

    Retail the world over follows one simple mantra, “festivities mean insane volumes.” The West has Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year weekends, but in India, the most hectic shopping season of the year kicks off right around Ganesh Utsav and continues well into the New Year. This time of the year sees most communities celebrating their major festivals, from Dussehra to Christmas. And while the West has insane deals that culminate in

  • Manning Modern Retail: Addressing the challenges of HR in the new retail paradigm

    Retail today is the leading the growth industry in the country. Traditional retail however is fraught with many challenges, while new retail or e-commerce is posing a stern test, the problem of finding, grooming and retaining top talent to drive and sustain growth is one of the most pertinent concerns.

  • Prepaid Wallets: Are they a fad, or do we really need them?

    Prepaid wallets. Here’s a concept that today need little or no explanation. Quite simply because our airwaves are littered with ads that explain the concept, either for Paytm, Freecharge, MobiKwik, or Oxigen. While many of us in the cities use one kind of prepaid wallet or the other, the scope of these smartphone centric services, truly comes to the fore in the Tier II and Tier III cities of this vast nation.

  • Point of Sale and Retail Evolution : Interdependence Redefined

    What is point of sale? Point of sale can easily be defined as the place where a sale takes place. So a cash register, a checkout line, or the shopping cart on your favourite e-commerce site, are all examples of POS. Why is POS important? Quite frankly because it is the one point where a retailer can introduce a customer to an add-on or induce an impulse purchase. What’s more pertinent however,

  • Inventory in Retail: When every SKU matters!

    Inventory, inventory management, inventory analysis, all these words, until a few years ago, weren’t common parlance. It is in fact a very recent phenomenon, that inventory, the backbone of the retail business, has gained recognition. With the proliferation of e-commerce, more and more consumers, have become privy and familiar with this term.