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  • CAD Outsourcing Services  for Global Customers

    The Indian manufacturing, production, and design sector is undergoing a rapid transformation phase with increase in usage of age-old technologies like CAD.  As a result, various automobile, textile, fashion, real estate, and manufacturing companies are keen on hiring skilled design partners with CAD expertise.

  • India’s Growing Middle Class – Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

    Life is improving at a phenomenal rate for the Indian people. A 2016 study found that, the middle class has more than doubled in size from 2004 to 2012, to 600 million people. A 2007 study from the McKinsey Global Institute, which called India a “bird of gold” because of its expanding consumer market, didn’t expect the middle class to reach nearly half the population until 2025. This should give you just some idea

  • Gionee ELife E8: The innovators of the Chinese Premium category, now jump the online bandwagon!

    I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “different strokes for different folks”. Motorola was the pioneer the online only sales approach for its first generation of E, G and X series Android phones. The online only approach was then adopted by XiaoMi, OnePlus, Meizu and ZTE, with great effect. Now Gionee, the pioneers of the Chinese Premium segment in India, have launched the latest iteration of their bestselling Elife series with an

  • Twitter

    Reanimating Twitter’s waning popularity with new features galore

    Twitter, not too long ago was the haven of all things hip and cool. Many celebrities, artists, musicians, actors and even politicians found Twitter to be an incredible medium to reach out to their followers and maintain a steady relationship with them. All this aside, Twitter was also the world’s first interest based social network to see, and be seen on. Then somewhere along the line, its popularity waned. Critics said that

  • The Moto X Play: Say Hello to the biggest battery in town!

    In the battle of the Android flagships, one name is conspicuous by its absence. That name of course is that of Motorola. The self-professed inventor of mobile telephony, Motorola was given step-motherly treatment by Google, before being hived off to Lenovo for 1/6th of what it had been bought for. But that’s old hat, cut to 2015, Motorola, or Moto as it is better known today, is one of the strongest brands

  • Huawei-Honor-7i

    Charge Up For The Huawei Honor 7i

    Equipped with enticing features, the Huawei 7i throws some interesting tech mania at us. From flip camera to a finger print sensor, read all that you need to know about the new phone. Recently the announcement of the Huawei Honor 7i has been buzzing off the charts. With specs and pricing details being the first thing on everyone’s mind we put down all that matters below.

  • The YuPix Compact Printer: When YU need pictures printed post haste!

    The current generation has only heard of Polaroids, or at best has known them to be those ‘cool looking frames’ offered on many Android and iOS photo-editing apps. But kids of the 70s and 80s who grew up with Polaroids, will testify to how cool it was to snap a picture, instantly print it, and autograph it for display on their scrapbooks. While digital photographs can be snapped instantly, and are virtually

  • Getting Under Water With The Speedo Shine

    Speedo and MisFit have combined forces to launch a new ‘Fitness Tracker’ called Speedo Shine. Specially crafted for swimmers and adorned in the color “pure”, it has been taking over the charts.

  • 3d scanning using smartphone

    When Phones Turn Into 3D Scanners!

    Everyone got hooked on to 3D printing, but its now time to take a step further with 3D scanning through your phone! Latch onto this article to know more. Brilliant and life defining, Microsoft’s research half has recently peeked out at the world and given us the latest on its new project. This is the concept of 3D-scanning using a regular mobile phone.

  • MicFlip_Fully_Reversible_Micro_USB_Cable

    Flipping Over Tech Hacks With The New McFlip

    Fumbling with the wrong side of a cable has always been a weak suit of the masses. Here to make the life of all Android and smartphone users easy is the McFlip reversible Micro USB. When Apple changed its dock connectors with the reversible lightning cable, it met with quite a bit of negative doubt from its users. But for all those who have used/or use their new cable, it is absolutely evident

  • google_android_marshmallow

    Android Marshmallow Gives Us So Much more!

    We have been guessing for months now, and finally we have a name! Google recently announced the name of its next Android iteration, and it is named after a treat we all love – Marshmallow. Following in the footsteps of their preceding love for candy and all things sweet, Marshmallow was already a highly speculated name. But what more could you expect after names such as – Cupcake, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb,

  • Battle of Minds Logo

    Battle of Minds

    ConveGenius, an edutainment start-up, focused on digitizing education and making it fun and affordable, today announced the launch of its gaming network mobile application – Battle of Minds for the Android users. Battle of Minds is a real-time multi-player contest platform where users can engage, interact, play and learn by competing against each other. It is a mixture of trivia, educational content, news, and skill based games. The users derive twin benefits