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  • The Samsung Gear S2: Functional, but still a work in progress

    The world has been buzzing about wearables for a few years now. The world’s largest electronics company Samsung has been in this still nascent market ever since it launched its first and rather unwieldy Gear range of ‘smartwatches’ in 2012/13.

  • Spunk Shoes

    Unleash your spunky side

    The one word people ascribe most to youth is restless. High on energy, unbridled enthusiasm, and above all passion, they believe that they truly can, change the world. Little wonder then, that whatever they do, is so high on adrenaline and creativity. From graffiti to B-boying, from hip-hop to dance, all the things that thrill and captivate the youth are high-octane and full of life.

  • A mile in those shoes… Stretch Yourself From Crocs

    Borrowing from legendary American novelist Erich Segal, “what can you say about a pair of shoes? That they fit Ill? That they are the best things you ever did buy? That they’re so comfortable that you’re never going to take them off? Apparently all of these things and none of these things.” The only way to truly review a pair of shoes is to walk a mile in them, and today I’ve

  • Amorio Shoes

    The new range of shoes from Amorio: Just the right fit

    No, they’re not Italian. But you would’ve been none the wiser if we hadn’t told you. These are a dapper pair of blue leather shoes from Jaipur-based luxury shoe brand Amorio.

  • The Best of Both Worlds – iPhone 6 vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    The battle began few years ago…the battle between Apple and Samsung fans! The Samsung Note was subjected to a lot of criticism for its sheer size – ‘You look like you are talking into a piece of toast’. The trouble amplified after Samsung released an ad showing how the Samsung Galaxy S III was better than iPhone 5. The social media saw an outpouring of rage from both fans. Interestingly, these attacks have really

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