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  • Eco Render Plus – A Unique Plaster Without Cement, Sand, and Water

    The limited availability of riverbed sand and the ban on sand mining at various places because of excessive and illegal mining have significantly impacted the construction sector. Good quality sand is a must for plastering the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings. Water scarcity and labour crisis are further aggravating the situation. The construction sector is forced to use crushed rock sand, compromising on quality, to complete projects on time. This, in turn, gives

  • Motorola ZDroid – When Tech has got your back!

    Ever heard of a smartphone that can customise not only its appearance but also its features as per your liking? Does something like this even exist? The techies at Motorola Mobility (a division of Lenovo) would love to answer it with a proud YES!

  • zupermeal

    ZuperMeal – An app and delivery service for home-cooked meals empowering women

    To create a value proposition for the growing Indian passion for eating out, along with addressing the social cause of women empowerment and entrepreneurship, Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Ravi Saxena, promoters of leading kitchen appliances firm Wonderchef, along with their 2 foreign partners have joined hands to together invest in the two-month old Mumbai-based food startup ZuperMeal. They will be investing up to $2 million (about Rs 13 crore) for an

  • ZO Rooms launches ZO Prime, its 3 star offering

    ZO Rooms launches ZO Prime, its premium offering in the category of 3 star hotels. ZO Prime is an aggregated offering of 3 star hotels across India, which provides customers with all the amenities and luxuries as per 3 star standards. Currently launching with 500 ZO Prime rooms across metros, ZO Rooms is expected to increase this category to 10,000 ZO Prime rooms within next 12 months across the country.

  • easy diner

    EazyDiner: Gourmet Made Eazy!

    Any foodie knows that showing up without a reservation at a fancy restaurant can only mean one thing, a really long wait! This is something the folks at EazyDiner are seeking to remedy. The app launched in early 2014 is pretty clear about the target audience they’re looking to engage, and that’s the well-dined foodie. Helmed by well-known gourmet and food critic, Vir Sanghvi and a team of similar entrepreneurs with a

  • New app,

    Mobile Applications To Be or Not To Be

    With the advent of mobile apps becoming a craze, retailers have an important question to ask themselves – Is A Mobile App Right For You?  Explore the do’s and don’ts of developing a mobile application and the benefits of this upcoming marketing trend.

  • Kirana store

    Lessons From Local Self Sustained Retailers

    Mom and Pop or kirana stores are a leading form of business enterprise in India and throughout the world. The Indian retail sector is the second largest source of employment in the country and the job market is hugely receptive to retailing expertise in India. India has 12 million retail outlets. The retail market in India is estimated at Rs. 5,88,000 crores. Of this, the unorganized market has a share of Rs. 5,83,000 crores

  • LG large

    Digital Display Solution Providers for Retail in India

    It is increasingly evident that much of the success of customer engagement for store retail lies in the store display and in deploying cutting-edge display technologies to augment the in-store experience of customers. In the Indian context, the first step towards the eventual convergence of the digital and physical domains lies in digital display and signage technologies. Staticity is out, dynamism is very much in. We might soon inhabit a world where