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  • Rajasthan: Trip to dreamy desert land

    On a visit to four different regions of Rajasthan, Maithili Chakravarthy discovers a few things – The love for luxury and ostentation among the maharajas, the prowess of rich Marwari businessmen who built artistic havelis to show off their wealth, dal-baati which can release serotonin and that religions could coexist peacefully without society complicating their bonhomie

  • The magical city of Poland

    Krakow is one of those fairytale cities of Europe that transcends time, writes Uday k Chakraborty

  • Why Oise in Northern France is a revelation

    Even though Oise in Northern France, not far from Paris is usually missing from most travel itinerary, it is a revelation as Kalyani Majumdar found out after visiting this picturesque place with its landscape, people and history

  • good friday london

    Good Friday 2018: Here’s how the day Jesus was crucified observed around the world

    For Christians around the world, this is a holy week which precedes Easter Sunday. Activities include revisiting Jesus’ crucifixion, recalling the last supper and processions on Good Friday. It is the day when Lord Jesus was flogged and asked to carry the cross on which he would be crucified. He was nailed to the cross and put to death, and this is why a cross is used as a symbol of the

  • The Stepwells of Gujarat tell the tales of women, water and life

    Most often, historical monuments tell us the stories of men, power and war. The Stepwells of Gujarat offer a refreshing alternative to this paradigm for they tell the tales of women, water and life, writes Mallika Iyer

  • Belfast: Giants and legends in the sea

    Belfast and its surroundings give a glimpse of a beautiful land steeped in history and legends but at once modern too, finds Ranjita Biswas

  • Bangalore: Exploring the multi-layered history of the city

    If the soul of a city is uncovered by walking the streets, then definitely it holds true for Bangalore as it reveals itself beyond its IT hub and impersonal glass buildings. Kalyani Majumdar explores the multi-layered history of the city.