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  • Eastern Ghats and the mesmerising quaint train journey

    Strap: A scenic journey through pristine terrain and their lively tribal people leaves UDAY K CHAKRABORTY in awe of its serene beauty and lesser-known treasures

  • sao jao festival

    Sao Joao: A festival in Goa celebrated by jumping into wells and lakes       

    Goa, the ultimate party capital of India is a haven for beach lovers. The destination has a certain magnetic pull that makes it populated with travellers all year around. With the onset of monsoon, Goa gets ready to celebrate its rain festival called ‘Sao Jao’ dedicated to St John the Baptist. Wondering what ‘Sao Jao Festival’ is? Okay. Remember the ‘Matargashti’ song from Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Tamasha’? Sao Jao

  • Offbeat Places To Visit in Leh Ladakh

    The popularity of Leh Ladakh is increasing every day in the recent times. A nature lover’s delight, the hub of many adventure sports, landscapes in the best form, all these are merged in the best way in Leh Ladakh. People from all over the world visit Leh Ladakh to experience its grandeur and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the place deserves it all. There are plenty of places in Leh Ladakh that

  • Myanmar: Beauty and the Bagan

    Stunning ruins of pagodas and temples on the Irrawaddy plains, Myanmar attracts tourists, writes UDAY K CHAKRABORTY

  • What makes Sikkim an unbeatable tourist destination?

    Generally, people either look for beaches or hill stations to spend their holidays at and if mountains have your heart, there is no other place like Sikkim to spend an ideal destination. Sikkim is located in North East part of India and shares its borders with Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and to the part of Himalayas. It has some of the best glaciers, mountains, hills, and landscapes. Till 1975, it was its own Kingdom and

  • sindhu darshan festival leh

    Sindhu Darshan Festival 2018: A festival in Leh that promotes communal harmony

    The Sindhu Darshan Festival is held every year on full moon day in the month of June in Leh in Ladakh district of Jammu & Kashmir. The three-day festival was first celebrated in October 1997 and is held every year since then. As the name suggests the festival celebrates river Sindhu, also known as Indus. A large number of people from different parts of the country participate in the festival. Sindhu Darshan

  • Why is Kerala a traveller’s delight?

    When someone thinks of Kerala, the images of backwaters, immaculate beaches, marvellous hill stations, rich culture, and spicy food run through the mind. The “God’s own country” possesses a beauty that is far from merely being beautiful.  Everything about Kerala emphasizes on its natural beauty and with perfect landscapes and water body, Kerala is the most sought places for spending an ideal holiday. One can experience the best vacation by booking packages of

  • Exploring the hidden paradise of Singapore

    DISHA DESHPANDE finds a middle path in travel destination. The green lands of Pulau Ubin are away from the concrete jungle of civilisation, but still will not leave you isolated from the human population

  • The charming flower power of Kashmir

    ANAND and MADHURA KATTI are charmed with the floral blooms in the vivacious valley

  • Alluring history and legacy of artifacts of Tamil Nadu

    Three of the four UNESCO World Heritage sites in Tamil Nadu, are located in the central heart of the state – all three, a lasting legacy of the Cholas. Renowned for their stone architecture and metal sculpture work, the unique art of the Cholas beckons travellers, centuries after they were first created. Making either Trichy, Kumbakonam or Thanjavur the base, it is possible to catch a glimpse of both these enduring legacies