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  • Three must-see heritage wonders near Bhopal

    Kalyani Majumdar retraces the past that has a timeline stretching from the prehistoric to the medieval period in India

  • International Bikini Day: Top 10 bikini destinations around the globe!

    July 5 is International Bikini Day, a day that marks the anniversary of the invention of two-piece bathing suit by a Parisian Fashion Designer, Louis Reard in 1946. Since then, women have been hitting the beaches and pool sides in the bathing suit. Bikini is named after Bikini Atoll, a place where United States conducted atomic tests. The aim of the day is to get to the nearest beach and spend the

  • Six must-do activities in Kolkata

    Whether you are a foodie, an architecture enthusiast, a book worm, a history buff, or a poet at heart, Kolkata has something for everyone, says Kalyani Majumdar who lists six must-do activities to do in the city

  • This summer, get away to these eco-friendly destinations!

    New Delhi: The concept of sustainable tourism points towards a considerate way to travel the world, ensuring that the natural, social and artistic environment of any place is not disturbed and that there is minimal or no environmental impact around tourism related activities.

  • The Roman-tic connection to Germany

    Uday k Chakraborty feels that Roman legacy adds an interesting twist to Germany’s landscapes

  • GST to push public transport, but cost luxury travelers a fortune

    The new tax reform Goods and Services Tax (GST) will definitely make your travel cheaper but if you are a luxury traveler it may cost you fortune. Considering transport the essential part of infrastructure, the GST council headed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced that the tax rate on the transport sector – rail, road and air travel – will be in the lower bracket of five per cent. The new rate is

  • The awe and inspiration of Chicago

    Sujoy Dhar  is awed with the city’s architecture and inspired by its culture and history