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    5 Must Do Things to do on A Business Trip To Mumbai

    Mumbai isn’t called a city of dreams for nothing. Being the financial capital of India, Mumbai bustles with business prospects. Business travelers from all parts of the world fly down to this paradise of opportunities. When not working, they would naturally like to explore the city. However, traffic often plays a spoiler to the enthusiasm. But fret not. With a little bit of planning it is possible to have the best of

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    Japan: land of rising sun

    Japan is more than technological advances and urban landscapes. Mummun Ghosh delves into the culture and sociology of this island country

  • One of the cottages in Tamara Coorg

    Coorg: The coffee plantation haven

    There are wide vistas of hills and mountains, beautiful valleys, thick jungles, and coffee plantations laced with pepper and cardamom plants, writes Anita Rao Kashi

  • The actual camp with the courtyard
where the prisoners were asked to
come out and stand for a roll call or
the officers would make them march
on the grounds. The buildings in the
back are the individual prison cells.

    The story of Dachau

    The camp at Dachau was the first of its kind, a prison on which Hitler later modelled all his concentration camps, say Roxanne Bamboat

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    Sawantwadi: Haven for instant weddings!

    For all those living life in the fast lane, a big, fat Indian wedding is a deal-breaker. Cut to the express weddings solemnised in a sleepy coastal town in Maharashtra that might as well be declared to be the Vegas of India, writes Ankita Chaurasia

  • Mumbai-Goa Highway

    Now travel from Mumbai to Goa in just six hours!

    Greenfield expressway between Mumbai and Goa is on the state government’s list. If the project gets a green signal, motorists can whiz in four to five hours through the expressway. The new expressway will cut short the time by 6-7 hours as currently it takes around 12-15 hours.

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    MMRDA rejects London government’s proposal for smart-ticketing system in Mumbai

    After Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ interview to an English daily that Mumbai will soon get an integrated ticketing system, we Mumbaikars started dreaming about no ticket queue, no trawling for change and a hassle-free transportation. Some of us even compared the upcoming system with London’s Oyster and Tokyo’s Suica. But bringing us back into reality the state government has announced that the wait will continue for some more time.

  • Angkor Wat viewed from the inner courtyard

    Exploring the Angkor Wat Universe

    Uday K Chakraborty walks in amazement amidst many attractions of Angkor Wat Archaeological Complex

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    2017 has 14 long weekends and here’s perfect getaway for each

    If you always wanted to travel and explore the world around you but couldn’t, you don’t have to be disheartened, there’s never too late! With happiness and joy New Year always brings long weekends too. And admit it, the very first thing anyone does after getting the calendar is chalking out the weekends and plan upcoming trips.