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  • Does Reseller Hosting Make Business Sense?

    With the world moving towards web space, online presence for businesses has become a necessity. This has had a ripple effect, which necessitates every company to have a web presence. It is a no-brainer that the easiest way of having an online presence is to have a website.

  • Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai

    The best wedding photographer in Chennai is the one that you don’t see, no, not literally, but one that is unobtrusive and not in everyone’s face with the camera. Whether you are having a traditional wedding or a garden venue or even a beach wedding, the photographer has a very important role to fulfill. Most weddings will follow the traditional format, venue, reception then honeymoon. Although it is not normal, some

  • Do you know the full name and nickname of GST or have you even wondered whether GST have a nickname too

    The Goods and Services Tax (GST), certainly being a favorite to become India’s biggest tax reform since Independence, was rolled out on 1st of July 2017, conceived on the principle of ‘one nation, one tax, one market’, promising to be an effective tax system that subsumes 17 central and state levies. The movement of goods had now become much simpler across the country and cheaper as the new regime had replaced the old system,

  • Are you aware about the GST Rate Finder App Launched : If Not Then You Are At The Right Place

    For any business to conduct its operations in a GST compliant fashion, it is important to be aware of the HSN / SAC codes of the goods and services that it deals in, and also the corresponding GST rates. Given the extensive list of goods and services which have been classified as taxable supplies under GST, it may not be feasible for a business, at least in the transition phase, to operate by committing

  • Can Your Personal Credit Record Impact Your Business Loan?

    When availing a loan of any kind, whether it is to meet personal needs or business-related needs, you will have to have a sound credit score. Lenders evaluate this score to understand your previous behaviour with regards to credit, and to ascertain if you are fit to take on the responsibility of wisely using and repaying a loan.

  • 5 Advantages of Having a Fixed Deposit Account in 2018

    A fixed deposit is an investment instrument that helps you increase your wealth and preserve your funds for the future. With recent updates to Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, senior citizens get more tax exemption on their income from bank FDs. This coupled with the low risk that FDs bear, give you a huge financial advantage.

  • Build a AI super-bot under 2 minutes. Without writing a line of Code

    Bots are taking over every aspect of running businesses, thanks to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  From automating customer services, to doing complicated online transactions via simple automated conversations, super-bots are steadily emerging as the preferred channel of business communication and transactions globally.

  • How to Check Your Email List with A Bulk Verification Software

    If you decided to prioritize email marketing this year, there is an auxiliary tool you should focus on before you send your next campaign. A reliable bulk email verifier will validate your database and ensure you are reaching your subscribers and maintaining a healthy IP reputation.