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  • Good Financial Gifts that you can give your Father this Father’s Day

    This Father’s Day, you have the chance to strengthen the bond between your father and you by gifting him something that he will never forget. No, it is not only about little trinkets and mementos; it is about creating whole new memories to treasure throughout life. With financial amenities such as Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Schemes, mutual fund investment plans, insurance policies and much more at your disposal, Bajaj Finance is


    Practically speaking to survive you need lots of money. Hard work is surely one of the best ways to make money. But you also need to invest smartly. Combination of hard work and smart work will reap huge benefits. The best investors in the world will tell you that if you want to make money from the market then you need to follow some principles and you need to have a proper strategy. Here

  • Experience these 5 beer towns in USA

    America is the country with some of the best beer destinations around the world has thriving beer scenes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that beer has become an unofficial national beverage now. If you are a true beer connoisseur, then you must plan your next vacation to the cities that are producing beer at a neck-breaking speed. Here is the list of 5 best beer towns in the USA that you can explore.

  • All you need to Know about Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

    A Personal Loan is an extremely useful financial resource. You can use it to take care of a host of expenses such as going on an international holiday, buying a car, urgent healthcare bills, or paying for your child’s education. However, you have to first qualify for a Personal Loan based on your lender’s eligibility criteria.

  • Are ACs Good for a Newborn?

    The global temperature is on an increase and we can feel it very much through our daily sweats. The in-room temperatures are also increasing and that too when you are pregnant. There are multiple ways to cool your body temperature with the help of fruits and other self-help methods. But once you have delivered and have a cute little one to whom you cannot feed these fruits or do any baby spa, the obvious

  • How To Use Home Loan To Save Taxes

    The Axis bank home loan and many other loan holders have got a new benefit under which those who take personal and HUF loan loans will get a discount of Rs 2 lakh on the interest of home loan under Section 24, earlier this was 1.5 lakh rupees.

  • Lab Tests and How They Help Maintain Our Health

    There are several different tests that can be done to determine the health of the internal organs and diagnose any conditions that can be a threat to life and normal functioning of the organs. A sample of urine, blood, tissue or other bodily fluid to get better information about your health is what laboratory tests are conducted for. Your local physician or doctor may request one or more of these tests either to diagnose

  • Pedal Away the City Blues

    Cycling is not a fad in India. Millions of people cycle across the towns and cities of the sub-continent. The morning newspaper boy and milkmen are the first images that come to mind and Mumbai’s famous dabbawallas also use the cycle to negotiate that megacity. Now, the humble cycle is being reinvented as a great way to move around, thanks to better gear and technology. It is not uncommon to see corporate kings strapped

  • Here’s How to Keep Your Teen Calm During Exam Preparation

    As exam time approaches, tension starts creeping in, and your child becomes jittery with the daunting load of the syllabus. Examination stress can really squeeze out the energy from your child. However, it is quite natural for them to feel a certain amount of stress before any significant examination such as NEET.

  • India’s Growing Middle Class – Ryan Andreas, Quantified Commerce

    Life is improving at a phenomenal rate for the Indian people. A 2016 study found that, the middle class has more than doubled in size from 2004 to 2012, to 600 million people. A 2007 study from the McKinsey Global Institute, which called India a “bird of gold” because of its expanding consumer market, didn’t expect the middle class to reach nearly half the population until 2025. This should give you just some idea