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  • Fruit candle

    Light a Candle

    One way to expand our personality is to read success stories. When we get fired and inspired, our strength increases; our enthusiasm becomes intense and we outstrip our own expectations. We see people going to a hospital and helping patients expecting nothing in return. We see workers going to slums and making children literate. We see people working to increase the sub-soil water level, to decrease water scarcity. We see volunteers coming

  • Keep Moving forward Only

    Some species of sharks have to keep moving just to survive. It is also true of creative people who can’t rest on their laurels. All the time in life, we are either moving towards, on retreating from our cherished goals and it is upon us to decide to chase, rest or retreat. We have to force ourselves to step out a little each time. It could be the break we have been

  • Aggression, violence and onset of peace

    Arousal of violent tendencies in an individual may happen under the burden of enormous negative emotional feelings, writes RAVI VALLURI

  • Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


    Sahaja Yoga Meditation explained by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, is an historical breakthrough in the human awareness and millions of people have witnessed its benefits. The Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners in India and in the countries Shri Mataji visited and gave enmasse self realisation, have been celebrating March 21 as Her birthday. The Sahaja Yogis have planned programs to celebrate 96th anniversary of Shri Mataji on March 21 in all

  • Sadhguru, Isha foundation, final stretch of your life, last step, peace of mind,

    Materialism and Spirituality are Not Different

    There is this impression in the world today that to be spiritual, you have to eat badly, dress badly and live badly. That is not true. Being spiritual has nothing to do with the way you look on the outside. It has to do with how you are within yourself.

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

    Understanding Mind-Body Communication

    Its a common thing for us to experience emotions directly through the body, for e.g when we go out to meet someone whom we love a lot, we walk lightly with our hearts pounding with excitement, whereas anxiety might tighten our muscles and make our hands sweat and tremble before an important job interview, Right? Numerous studies carried out over last decade or so have established that emotion systems prepare us to

  • How Prayers are Answered

    A child came to me with a dime in his hand.

  • Two Tiers Of Hinduism

    There are two Hinduisms; one which takes its stand on the kitchen and seeks its Paradise by cleaning the body; another which seeks God, not through the cooking pot and the social convention, but in the soul. The latter is also Hinduism and it is a good deal older and more enduring than the other; it is the Hinduism of Bhishma and Srikrishna, of Shankara and Chaitanya, the Hinduism which exceeds Hindusthan,

  • The Inter-Relations of the Sublime States

    How then, do these sublime states pervade and suffuse each other? Let us find out. Unbounded love guards compassion against turning into partiality. Love imparts to equanimity its selflessness. Compassion guards equanimity from falling into a cold indifference and keeps it from indolent or selfish isolation. Sympathetic joy gives equanimity and the mild serenity that softens its stern appearance. It is the divine smile on the face of the Enlightened One. It is the smile that persists in spite of the deep knowledge of the world’s

  • Soul Spa: Spirituality too overrated

    Being spiritual is not a way of life but the only way to be called human writes APARNA KAPOOR