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    ‘Being with [nature],’ not merely ‘doing to’

    There are many ways of doing things, but I want to suggest that you get out of the ‘doing to’ syndrome. if, with your garden or animal companion, you have continued with the usual set of routine of ‘doing to’, instead of consciously ‘being with’, then you are missing out on one of the most valuable experiences that Nature/Life can offer you.

  • Nature

    Connect with nature

    CONNECTING with nature can improve your health and well being, say Britsh Medical Journal researchers. The theory is known as ecotherapy: restoring health through contact with nature. Use of wildlife in some therapies is reported to improve quality of life, write the authors. Smaller animals (for example, squirrels, owls and raccoons) have been used successfully in therapies for children with emotional and behavioural problems.

  • Adiyogi

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi to unveil 112 ft tall face of Adiyogi – The Source Of Yoga

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unveil a 112-ft tall face of Adiyogi – the Source of Yoga, designed and consecrated by Sadhguru, founder – Isha Foundation on the occasion of Mahashivaratri falling on February 24 at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This will be the largest face on the planet, recognising the first yogi’s unparalleled contribution to humanity. This iconic face symbolises liberation, representing the 112 ways in which one

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    Nirmal Dham, the Adishakti Peetha

    Delhi’s Nirmal Dham known as Adishakti Peetha for Sahaja meditation practitioners is getting ready to welcome thousands of people from all over the country and abroad. The occasion is to celebrate Param Chaitanya Diwas, (22nd February) on which Day Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi departed from this living world.  Nirmal Dham built as a monument, where Her physical body was laid to rest permanently.

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    Mahashivarathri – An opportunity to experience the Divine

    When we say Shiva, most people look at him as some kind of a God who is beyond everything. But if you look at the Shiva Purana, his life was this – he went through everything any human being would go through. He is many things at the same time. He is the most beautiful and also the ugliest. He is a great ascetic and also a family person. He is the

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

    Sexual Crimes- A National Problem

     Recently it was reported that a cellular company has proposed to provide free adult content to all its subscribers for 1 year. In the year 2014 Government of India made an attempt to ban pornography over internet through ISP’s(internet service provider)operating in India. However they failed to achieve it due to absence of legal or infrastructural framework support. The main contention of government behind this ban was the fear that porn promotes

  • There is only the One Spirit, Consciousness-Remez Sasson

    Though in our day-to-day life we refer to other people, as separate from us, this is only a mental viewpoint, convenient for functioning in our daily lives. From a higher state of consciousness, all are one, and the terms “I”, “you”, “he”, “she” and “they” are not real. There is only the One Spirit, Consciousness, which seems to manifest in limitless forms and ways.

  • Aurobindo Ashram
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    To be Truly Young

    Youth does not depend on the small number of years one has lived, but on the capacity to grow and progress. To grow is to increase one’s potentialities, one’s capacities; to progress is to make constantly more perfect the capacities that one already possesses.

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    Nonduality – Rising Above Illusion

    Nonduality is a philosophy, which says that there is just one spirit in the Universe, and that everything, living or inanimate is part of this one spirit. Nonduality further says that it is only illusion that causes us to view the world as real and separate from us.

  • sri sri ravi shankar


    Self-reliance requires enormous courage. When there is nobody else or you want to depend on yourself for everything, you need a lot of courage. Surrender takes less courage. A person who cannot surrender cannot be self-reliant either. If you don’t have enough courage to surrender, then it is not possible to be self – reliant; you simply fool yourself. If you do not have a hundred dollars, you cannot have a thousand

  • sadhguru

    Adiyogi or Shiva – the Highest Possibility

    Sometime ago, I had some guests from Australia. I was driving them around in Mysore to show them a few places. These people, if I drove fast, they would say “Shit!” If I braked, they would say “Shit!” If they saw something beautiful, they said “Shit!” If they saw something ugly, “Shit!” If they liked something they said “Shit,” if they didn’t like something, again “Shit!” I was just listening to this.

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

    If I Change, The world Around Me Will Change

    Attitude and behaviour are woven into the fabric of daily life. The present state of the world, in which we live, is what it is because of certain systems—social, political, economic, religious and others —all these woven together into a complex structure, called society.