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    There’s more to the wink than Priya Prakash Varrier

    No one had heard of Priya Prakash Varrier until the 18-year-old in an attempt to grab attention of her classmate raises her eyebrow and winks, flooring not just the boy, but the entire nation. Overnight this upcoming star turned into a ‘National Crush’. And just recently, Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi after his impromptu hug to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi came under sharp criticism after his wink to fellow Congress leader

  • There is action in inaction and inaction in action

    Are you really not doing anything when you are not doing anything? No, there’s no misprint here, you read it correctly. I repeat; think and answer – Are you really not doing anything when you are not doing anything?


    With the theme “Unite the Nation with Meditation” ,Vishwa Nirmal Dharma (VND), dba Sahaja Yoga International, a non-profit organisation registered in the State of California in 1985, in United States of America (USA) has organised  a one month “Love America Tour” to conduct free Sahaja Yoga workshops from 8th August to 3rd September. It has invited Sahaja Yoga Meditation practitioners from various countries.

  • Refuse to be Miserable

    We have been blessed with emotions for our own benefit. In fact, everything in this world is for our benefit. However, it is the use or misuse of worldly objects that brings about positive or negative results.

  • The Ahankara : Three Forms of Ego

    THE meaning of the word, ahankara, has become so distorted in our language that often a confusion arises when we try to explain the main principles of the Aryan Dharma. Pride is only a particular effect of the rajasic ego, yet this is the meaning generally attributed to the word ahankara; any talk of giving up ahankara brings to the mind the idea of giving up pride or the rajasic ego. In

  • Why the humble calendar can never be replaced

    From today, the prices of veggies in the market will soar high. And you shall witness lesser crowd at the fish market than the usual on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. High prices of vegetables and less takers for fish, has got nothing to do with the ‘Formalin Scare’ prevailing in the neighboring State of Goa. According to the Hindu calendar we have today ventured into the holy month of Shravan (similar to


    How to get rid of Vasanas(impressions)? This is a question for all those who want to come out of habits.

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    Fake Currency

    He lived in his fears. He constantly was worried what people would think about what he said. Hence often he said things which he did not believe in. He often said false things because he wanted to show the right picture to people around him. He was not true to himself. He was dealing in fake currency.