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  • SAHAJA YOGA Meditation Unique and Simple

    Sahaja Yoga (SY) meditation beneficiaries in India organise public or group programs in urban and rural areas to spread the Sahaja Yoga. Meera Rai, one of the coordinators, who conducted SY workshop recently at Tapovan Sahaja Center, New Cantonment, Allahabad, has reported positive impacts of the participants. More than 60 men/women and children were present during the session. According to Meera Rai, after two programs, the children were so happy and a

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    Urgency on the spiritual path

    Once you begin to understand and realise the limitations in which you are living, there will naturally be an urgency on the spiritual path. Only people who have glorified their limitations have no urgency. If you do not glorify your life, if you just look at it bare – the way it is – you will see, “Okay. This is just a piece of flesh.” There is another dimension to it –

  • Igniting Your Engine

    In 1859, a French tight-rope walker named Charles Blondin ran a small advertisement in the New York Times stating that on a particular he would cross the Niagara Falls on a tight rope. In case, you have not visited the Niagara Falls it may be hard to appreciate the enormity of Blondin’s venture. The Niagara Falls are 1100 feet across, which is nearly four football fields in length. The falls are 167


    Passivity is not laziness. An active movement is one in which you throw your force out, that is, when something comes out from you—in a movement, a thought, a feeling—something which goes out from you to others or into the world. Passivity is when you remain just yourself like this, open, and receive what comes from outside. It does not at all depend on whether one moves or sits still. It is

  • Make an effort to bond with yourself

    You yearn to be ‘attached’ to the socially influential people for your selfish intentions, but have you made an effort to know and bond with yourself? Believe me, that’s the ‘connection’ of the highest order

  • Revisiting fond memories of first day at school

    I always fail to understand why schools reopen during monsoon. It always gives a tough time not only to the kids but also to the parents. They have to ensure everything is in place before the child steps out of the house for the first day of his or her new academic year at school. And also, pray that it does not rain. But as the luck would have it, of all


    Your mind does not belong to you. Don’t blame it. Let the Big Self embrace it. Effort is the key in the relative; effortlessness is the key to the Absolute.  Bangalore Ashram, India  October 16, 1996

  • A Happy Soul

    He felt good about himself. Others opinions about him did not matter much to him. He lived life on his principles, and values. He felt good that he kept the trust of others. And that he brought joy to the people around him. There was love, and warmth in his interactions. And above all he was not weighed down by overarching ambitions. He was a happy soul.

  • Endings Make Beginnings

    There are two ways of gathering knowledge. The first kind of knowledge is gained by reading books, listening to lectures, from the media and listening to others in general. These are external inputs. The second method is through our own effort. This is called ‘Personal Experience’.  Both are essential for our growth. When such knowledge is used and utilized it leads to success and happiness. Life is a building process. What we

  • Who Is Running Your Life?

    Probably, you are running your own life. Some people have a funny way of surrendering their rights and asking others to run their lives. You don’t have to let other people run your life.

  • A sea of memories

    The sea makes me think of salt. Salt everywhere. In my mouth. In my eyes. In my hair. In my bones. I have always loved the sea.