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    ‘U-turn’ of Maharashtra government over quota to Gowaris irks Bombay High Court

    Mumbai: The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court on Tuesday delivered a landmark ruling and granted ‘independence’ to the Gowari community. The HC in its judgment has teared into the Maharashtra government for dragging its feet for decades altogether in providing a separate and independent status for the Gowari community.

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    Mumbai: Prices of bread and other premium products hike by Rs 2 and more

    Mumbai: Consumers may soon have to shell out more dough to buy bread, as the prices of this staple are set to rise. This will have a domino effect, causing a hike in the prices of items like sandwiches and vada pavs. The minimum rise in bread prices will be by Rs 2, while premium brands may hike prices even further. Some brands have already hiked prices.

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    Maharashtra plans to replicate Gujarat model to implement schemes for tribals

    Mumbai: Maharashtra government is likely to adopt the Gujarat model of ensuring effective implementation of schemes for Adivasis (tribals). Gujarat has a successful pattern of implementing schemes by assigning responsibilities to secretaries of concerned departments. This steering committee headed by Chief Minister takes review of budget allocation and utilisation of funds after every six months.

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    Maratha Quota Stir: 170 protesters granted bail Pune

    Pune: The Pune Sessions Court on Tuesday granted bail to 170 people, arrested for rioting and arson during the Maratha quota agitation in the city on August 9. On August 10, the Pune police arrested a total of 194 people, which included two minors and five women.

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    Maratha Quota Stir: Vandals had no connection to morcha, says Maratha outfit leader on Waluj vandalism

    Mumbai: Waluj, Aurangabad, is paying the price for discontinuing the practice of paying protection money to political parties and leaders. As industry grapevine has it, these companies earlier paid ‘protection money’ to politicians and their parties. But demonetisation in November 2016 put paid to this practice. Industrialists strongly believe some political parties seized the opportunity of the bandh on August 9 and reportedly sent disgruntled former temporary workers to vandalise the premises