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  • Darkest Hour: Review, Cast and Director

    The man who steered the UK to victory was the master of rhetoric who used words with devastating effect and Anoushka Ravi Shankar’s ex-spouse Joe Wright employs some of the finest speeches by Winston Churchill in this biopic to reveal the heart, soul and mind of the PM of a small island nation facing the might of Nazi Germany during World War II. Churchill detested the BBC but did not hesitate to use it to broadcast morale-boosting speeches.

  • The Post: Review, Cast, Story and Director

    Every day in every way, Spielberg gets better and better and better. His new film, The Post is a tense drama which spotlights The Washington Post’s rivalry with The New York Times and focuses on the publication of the Pentagon Papers in 1971. It ends with the infamous Watergate burglary that would lead to the ouster of President Nixon.

  • Paddington 2: Review, Cast, Story and Director

    Aimed at children, Paddington 2, the delightful live action-toon sequel to 2015’s widescreen adaptation of Michael Bond’s classic books about a bear, has a wonderful star cast, ample comedy and inspirational themes which we, adults can also benefit from: such as kindness and compassion (whose wellspring is a kind and loving heart). In chapter one, Paddington was in danger of being killed and stuffed like a natural history museum exhibit. This time

  • Downsizing: Review, Cast, Story and Director

    Small is beautiful. So, suggests Downsizing, a sci-fi comic fantasy which employs the conceit of the Malthusian theory of over-population to make a brilliant point. Acclaimed director Payne has co-scripted with Jim Taylor, a film which posits the possibility of downsizing—a process of miniaturising people – as a tool to save the world. As the Norwegian scientists who invented downsizing reasoned, little people would need only a fraction of the earth’s resources.