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  • Sex and the city: Threesome is not awesome

    Q: My husband keeps suggesting that I invite my best friend over to ‘share our bed’ much to my disgust. He even laughingly said when my school friend was over, that had he not married such a ‘square’ wife, he would have surely gone on a date with her. I was embarrassed and shocked that he dared to say this to her. I have caught him viewing porn that shows orgies on

  • Sex and the City: The bedroom bullying

    Q: My husband was once my good friend. I had shared my angst about my ex-boyfriend with him back then, and had revealed all the perverted sexual demands – that I despised – I had given in to. He helped me break up with my ex, and subsequently he proposed to me. I accepted his proposal as I saw him as a very sensitive and respectful man. He was everything that my

  • Sex and the city: Sex every time, not fine

    Q: My boyfriend insists on having sex every time we meet in a private place. I don’t like it that he takes sex with me for granted. I give in because I feel I’m supposed to, but I get upset later and then become aloof and that creates issues between us. I would have preferred to wait to have relaxed intercourse only after marriage instead of these quickies he insists on. How

  • Sex and the City: Miffed with melodramatic boyfriend

    Q: I am sure that I want to break up with my boyfriend, because I have realised that he’s not the one for me. He is a very emotional and dramatic person. I fear a lot of emotional drama if I tell him that I no longer want to be with him. He has often threatened to do something to himself whenever I have even mildly suggested that I don’t feel the

  • Sex and the City! Dating for benefits

    Q: I broke up with my girlfriend a while ago. She ran into me at a movie theatre and asked that we meet for coffee. One thing led to another and she proposed that we have sex. We then met only for sex on a number of occasions and she firmly entrenched herself in my life insisting that we are dating again. The truth is that there were serious enough reasons for

  • Sex and the City: Girl stalker, a shocker!

    Q: A girl I met at a friend’s place and who I have no interest in, has been stalking me by sending sexual voice messages on WhatsApp. I blocked her on WhatsApp and then she called from another number and told me that she dreams of having sex with me. While this could be viewed as flattering, I feel anxious with the stalking. I have no interest in her at all and

  • Sex and the City: Victim of unwanted sex

    Q: My first complete sexual experience was ‘forced sex’ on a date under the influence of alcohol in the backseat of a car. I have unpleasant memories of the same. I broke up with my boyfriend after that, because he viewed what happened as a non-issue. When I labelled it as ‘date rape’ he said that the sex was consensual. I am no longer sure about myself, because the same thing happened

  • Sex and the city: Transactional sex

    Q: My girlfriend keeps asking for expensive gifts each time we have sex. I have already bought her jewellery, a smartphone and a watch along with several clothes and perfumes. I have started feeling that I’m having ‘paid sex’ and that there’s something seriously missing from her side in terms of emotional investment. I’m getting uncomfortable with this ‘transactional sex’. Does she want the ‘good life’ or me? Please guide me.

  • Sex and the City: Not just partner, but partners

    Q: My close friend recently shared about her multiple sexual partners with great pride and boasted about a threesome she was a part of. I felt revolted listening to her description, and was particularly disturbed knowing she was stringing along so many boys, out of which two are my friends. Her casual approach to boys who seem genuinely interested in dating her seriously, is something I disapprove of. She’s been an old

  • Sex and the City! The girl who hates condoms

    Q: The girl I’m dating has been insisting on unprotected sex while I insist on using a condom. She says she does not enjoy with a condom. I am not sure whether our relationship will culminate in marriage as we are still very young, we seem to be quarrelling a lot, and I’m unwilling to risk a pregnancy. When I mentioned ‘no condom no sex’, she threw a fit saying that even