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  • Sex and the city: Axe the accessibility to porn?

    It is disturbing that while there is a Censor Board for films there is no censorship on porn accessibility on the internet for young impressionable minds. What can we as a society do about this?

  • Sex And The City: Meet the Sexter

    My fiancé admitted that he engages in sexual chats with random and unknown women on the internet, and he visits such sex chat rooms regularly. He calls it a stress buster. While he is a successful professional, I am deeply hurt and concerned about our future marital and sexual life. I am unable to process this. Will he ever stop after marriage? Is this a good enough reason to reconsider my decision

  • Sex And The City: Spouse prefers masturbation

    My husband is addicted to porn and prefers masturbating while watching porn rather than intimacy with me. I am frustrated and sad. He will only have sex with me for procreation and not for intimacy. What should I do?

  • Sex And The City: Porn, puberty, and parenting

    I am shocked that my teenage son watches porn. Will he get addicted? Do I need to be concerned? Will it make him dysfunctional physically or psychologically in his future man-woman relationships?

  • Sex and the City: Girlfriend with a precarious past

    My girlfriend has admitted to casual ‘fun’ sex with multiple partners, along with two serious relationships where she also lived-in with her partners then. While she’s a fun person and great in bed too, she has often referred to her sexual exploits in passing. I am not comfortable with her frequent references to her past, and also not comfortable with her continuing to chat with some of her ex-boyfriends. If I express

  • Sex And The City: Dealing with Tinder Dilemma

    It’s no-brainer that we need sex education, desperately. Young people are naturally curious about sex and sexuality but our society treats sex as a taboo subject, hence what should have been taught in classrooms, is learnt behind doors on small screens or handheld devices. Most Indians follow trial-and-error method when it comes to understanding bodies – be it ours or our partner’s. But today’s generation is not shy of exploring beyond boundaries,