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  • Sex and the City: Not just partner, but partners

    Q: My close friend recently shared about her multiple sexual partners with great pride and boasted about a threesome she was a part of. I felt revolted listening to her description, and was particularly disturbed knowing she was stringing along so many boys, out of which two are my friends. Her casual approach to boys who seem genuinely interested in dating her seriously, is something I disapprove of. She’s been an old

  • Sex and the City! The girl who hates condoms

    Q: The girl I’m dating has been insisting on unprotected sex while I insist on using a condom. She says she does not enjoy with a condom. I am not sure whether our relationship will culminate in marriage as we are still very young, we seem to be quarrelling a lot, and I’m unwilling to risk a pregnancy. When I mentioned ‘no condom no sex’, she threw a fit saying that even

  • Sex And The City: The fallout after pregnancy

    I was sexually active with my boyfriend and I got pregnant. He was shocked. After this, he became aloof and angry with me for getting pregnant. The fact is that I was not on the pill, but he thought I was, as I had mentioned a visit to my gynaecologist to discuss contraception. I had an abortion and he was physically there with me but was emotionally withdrawn. While he hugged me

  • Sex and the city: The Tinder Trap

    Q: My fiancé has been meeting and possibly even engaging in sex with girls from Tinder. Should I be worried about our future? What if he continues to enjoy such Meet-ups?

  • Sex and the city! STDs: Better safe than sorry

    I am worried about sexually transmitted diseases were I to meet up, like and get intimate with someone from dating sites. Is it fair and acceptable to ask someone from a dating website like Tinder to take a test for HIV and other STDs before physical intimacy?

  • Sex and the city: The swap sorrows

    Q: My husband insists on engaging in wife-swapping with his core group of married friends. I am deeply disturbed. He views this act as acceptable and is unable to appreciate how disturbing the thought is to me. He is a good provider and a good father to the kids. I can’t speak to anyone about this and he refuses to see a marriage Counsellor with me. What should I do?

  • Sex and the city: The ‘unhappy’ wife

    Q: I caught my wife recently cheating on me with a gigolo on the home CCTV footage. I was shocked. When confronted she says she was unfulfilled sexually with me and said that I have not ‘given’ her ‘good sex’. I have always asked my wife what she likes and doesn’t like in bed, but she has not been very communicative. Therefore, I assumed she was okay with everything we did. Moreover, I had heard that

  • Sex and the City: On and off relationship

    Q: I was dating a girl while interning in a company where she worked, and she made me feel special by even cooking for me and looking after me when I was ill. We did not have sex as I wanted it to be special and we discussed marriage a number of times. We would go out a lot and I would ask her to drink within certain limits as she would

  • Sex and the city: Axe the accessibility to porn?

    It is disturbing that while there is a Censor Board for films there is no censorship on porn accessibility on the internet for young impressionable minds. What can we as a society do about this?

  • Sex And The City: Meet the Sexter

    My fiancé admitted that he engages in sexual chats with random and unknown women on the internet, and he visits such sex chat rooms regularly. He calls it a stress buster. While he is a successful professional, I am deeply hurt and concerned about our future marital and sexual life. I am unable to process this. Will he ever stop after marriage? Is this a good enough reason to reconsider my decision

  • Sex And The City: Spouse prefers masturbation

    My husband is addicted to porn and prefers masturbating while watching porn rather than intimacy with me. I am frustrated and sad. He will only have sex with me for procreation and not for intimacy. What should I do?