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  • The art of perfect sleep, its patterns, rhythm and more

    The internet is full of articles on how to sleep better. Sleeping better and trying to sleep better may seem like a paradoxical idea. Most people have, at some time or the other, tossed and turned, fought with their pillows, and risen for several bathroom breaks in an effort to catch some beauty sleep. However, it has proved to be illusive.

  • Sex and the city: Threesome is not awesome

    Q: My husband keeps suggesting that I invite my best friend over to ‘share our bed’ much to my disgust. He even laughingly said when my school friend was over, that had he not married such a ‘square’ wife, he would have surely gone on a date with her. I was embarrassed and shocked that he dared to say this to her. I have caught him viewing porn that shows orgies on

  • Sex and the City: The bedroom bullying

    Q: My husband was once my good friend. I had shared my angst about my ex-boyfriend with him back then, and had revealed all the perverted sexual demands – that I despised – I had given in to. He helped me break up with my ex, and subsequently he proposed to me. I accepted his proposal as I saw him as a very sensitive and respectful man. He was everything that my

  • Sex and the city: Sex every time, not fine

    Q: My boyfriend insists on having sex every time we meet in a private place. I don’t like it that he takes sex with me for granted. I give in because I feel I’m supposed to, but I get upset later and then become aloof and that creates issues between us. I would have preferred to wait to have relaxed intercourse only after marriage instead of these quickies he insists on. How

  • Work-life balance: Never shy away from taking a break, says Raell Padamsee

    Over the past 20 years, Raell Padamsee’s company Ace Productions has made its mark in the field of theatre production, design and execution of mega events. Naturally, she is in the thick of hectic activity all the time but Raell never loses her bright smile and warm sparkle. Here’s how she does it…

  • How to get your daily pill of happiness

    He has been forced out of his burgeoning medical career by harsh circumstances. His widowed mother is sunk in acute depression. Sister hyper-brooding over her dark complexion and lack of acceptance by her boorish boyfriend’s family. His buddy drinking to drown his lack of self-worth and joblessness. Caught in this conspiracy of the universe to tamp down his spirits, floundering around, medical college dropout Siddharth has a brainwave. He concocts a happy

  • From LBDs to minimal make-up, Ileana Dcruz spills her style secrets

    Ileana Dcruz, in a short span since her debut in Hindi films, has worked with the best heroes, from Ranbir Kapoor, to Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn. The actress, whose popularity quotient is shooting up by the day, is known for her chic dressing and excellent make-up.