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  • Welcome 2018: Amazing fashion trends in the offing

    The year has just begun and the clock has started clicking with regards trends. If you need some help in this, the designers are more than ready to talk about fashion trends of 2018.

  • Flashback 2017: Fashion trends that mesmerised 2017

    Miuccia Prada probably made a first-rate statement when she said fashion is an instant language. Some get it instantly, some sail through it just fine while many others just wallow in self-pity in not being fashion pro. Whatever the fashion inclination, we always love to read all about fashion trends. We want to know that latest trend which can make us go from plain old Jane to wow Jane. 2017 saw some

  • Winter fashion: Beat the chill, with style!

    Winter is here and so is the big question: What to wear? Sapna Sarfare finds out all about winter trends for the fashionistas in you

  • A Romantic Touch Of Blush: Rose Gold Watches By Michael Kors

    Michael Kors is a brand that is exclusively known for its rose gold toned watches. You’ll find that some rose gold watches lean towards pink tones while others are too close to the gold hues. However, Michael Kors watches are the perfect shade of rose gold.

  • Fashionably fraud! The Copy Cat debate heats up

    Plagiarism is a bane of the creative world of fashion designers and yet there are some who consider if flattering. The ongoing debate heats up when we have fingers being pointed and some dirty secrets spilt, writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu

  • Now, grooms too can grab the attention on wedding day!

    Gone are those days when grooms would take back seat in the glamour game and the brides would win it all. Amita Ghose writes about the easiest regime that grooms may follow to grab the lion’s share of attention on the D-Day