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  • Manu Mahtani, Managing Director Castlerock, discusses challenges and opportunities in the fishing industry

    Seafood processing in India is a multi-billion dollar industry, generating millions of direct and indirect jobs. Unfortunately, it has not got its due from the Government, in terms of policy clarity or support. The industry has now shifted focus to freshwater aquaculture rather than deep-sea merchant catch. One of the oldest players in the industry is Castlerock, which is well-qualified to quantify the challenges and opportunities in the industry. Manu Mahtani, Managing

  • Samruddhi Mahamarg: How MSRDC is paving the way for Nagpur-Mumbai expressway

    With every passing day, Maharashtra’s ‘Samruddhi Mahamarg’ dream is coming closer to reality. As of now, the land acquisition process as well as tender for bidding of agencies are in progress. The execution responsibility of this project lies in the hands of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC).

  • Virendra D Mhaiskar

    IRB Infrastructure Chairman Virendra Mhaiskar has an abiding faith in the road sector

    Virendra D. Mhaiskar is a man with a focus that is firmly set on connecting India with world class highways infrastructure. As chairman and managing director of IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited, his views on the roads sector are much sought after.  First, because he is one of the largest players in this sector.  Second, because he has constantly identified business opportunities in the roads sector much before most people. That

  • Sarah Todd: Grilled changed me as a person

     Sarah Todd the woman behind Antares, and the hostess of Yuvraj Singh’s wedding party, talks to Preeja Aravind about living in India, and filming another TV series

  • Artist Charan Sharma on painting prayers and puppets with love

    Charan Sharma is a painter of prayers, creating canvases that are hymns of joy and devotion. From humble beginnings in Nathdwara, Charan has graduated to a luxurious lifestyle in Mumbai, metamorphosing at work from traditional renditions to contemporary stroke-play. He is today much sought after by elite collectors and his works adorn the homes of the ultra-rich.

  • ‘Fundamental shift in the way people are saving’

    Investments continue to flow into the mutual fund (MF) industry. This influx is not just limited to big mutual fund houses but niche MFs as well. One such niche player is Motilal Oswal that expects its growth to be around 20-25 per cent same as the MF industry. AASHISH P SOMMAIYAA, MD and CEO of Motilal Oswal AMC talks about the industry and its growth.

  • ExTravelMoney co-founder George Zachariah discusses different aspects of online forex transactions

    Online forex transactions can be an alluring business model, if you get it right. In some ways, Kochi-based ExTravelMoney has managed to crack that code by keeping expenses low. This has helped the company to break-even and explore high-velocity growth in less than 3 years.  Co-founder George Zachariah talks about different aspects with Pankaj Joshi.

  • Eruditus Executive Education co-founder Chaitanya Kalipatnapu: We are very focused on career outcome for candidates

    Mumbai-based Eruditus Executive Education, is focussed on providing high-end professional development courses to employees in mid and higher management level. This is in collaboration with top-end business educational institutions. 2010-started Eruditus has a student base from  four different geographies.  The co-founder, Chaitanya Kalipatnapu, discusses the vision and future plans with Pankaj Joshi.

  • Affordable housing will only take off if transport is robust: VBHC Value Homes COO Rahul Sabharwal

    Long before affordable housing became government’s priority and it became the buzzword, VBHC Value Homes realised its importance. For almost a decade now, VBHC has been going beyond strict norms of affordable housing to budget housing with a value proposition. Rahul Sabharwal, COO of the company which has operations in four different urban geographies, shares his view on the entire segment with Pankaj Joshi.

  • The Banker whose Art is Worth more Zeroes than you can Count

    Krishen Khanna lives in a beautiful bungalow in the tony DLF 1 neighborhood of Gurgaon. As I ring the doorbell, I expect to be ushered in by the house-help. But the door is held open by the legend himself. Krishen Khanna. Art maestro. Genius. Padma Sri. Padma Bhushan. 92 years of age. Yet, ram-rod straight. With film-star good looks. A full head of classy white hair, gracefully parted. A twinkle in his