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  • Mumbai and Bollywood! Inseparable bond, with entertainment guaranteed

    Amit Khanna, former film lyricist turned head of a film production company, had apparently coined the term ‘Bollywood’ in the 1970s as the Hindi film industry was based out of erstwhile Bombay. A report states that the film industry in India will touch Rs 23,800 crore ($3.7 billion) by 2020. At present, the film industry grosses a total revenue of Rs 13,800 crore ($2.1 billion) and has grown at a CAGR (compound

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    Health Check! Why Mumbai’s medical services are among the best in the country

    Mumbai, the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, is also believed to be its health capital by many. The city does not only have the best of private hospitals, but, arguably, has India’s best public-health infrastructure. From the time JJ Hospital came into existence in the year 1843, Mumbai has been ahead of most Indian cities in healthcare services and is the country’s fastest growing medical hub.

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    Mumbai’s dabbawallas: The other lifeline of the city

    Once upon a time there was a Parsi banker in Mumbai who craved for home cooked food while at work – hence he got a person to pick food from his home and deliver it at his office. This was the birth of the first ever dabbawalla in Mumbai about a century and a quarter back.

  • Value building – A key Differentiator for Management students

    The real essence of management education lies in the approach and the application of the management concepts through effective teaching – learning techniques and opportunities to apply the knowledge in practical real time situations Management institutes are trying to incorporate new techniques of teaching and enhancing the overall learning experience.

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    Strand book store, Prithvi Theatre, Bademiya: The heritage hangouts of Mumbai

    A walk in the lanes and bylanes of Fort and Colaba, surrounded by colonial architecture on a quiet weekend is mesmerising, and on occasion, there is a gentle tug of nostalgia too. These roads and lanes are not the only ones with a unique charm; there are countless hangouts that hold a timeless appeal for Mumbaikars and make people visiting Mumbai fall in love with the city.

  • Mumbai Slums! An intriguing tale of despair and hope

    Mumbai slums are a cliché of sorts; they are not just a Dickensian world of squalid despair, but also a place of optimism and enterprise. As the story goes, in the 19th century as Mumbai became the hub of textile and emerged as the commercial capital of India, workers from various parts of the country flocked to Mumbai and had to stay in informal housing – the slums. As the city continued

  • Eastern Freeway to Metro! Mumbai’s rapid infrastructure strides amidst traffic woes

    Mumbai – the maximum city, as is obvious to the naked eye, is undergoing an overhaul at the moment. With the number of bridges being built, metro lines being put up and infrastructure being spruced up in general, one cannot help but wonder if, in times to come, Mumbai would get a place in the elite list of global cities that excel on infrastructure and liveability index. Fingers crossed!

  • Talent capital is still Mumbai: Sam Balsara, Chairman and MD, Madison World

    Sam Balsara, Chairman and Managing Director of Madison World, is the senior-most media professional in the country. He has seen the industry evolve and blossom and understands its nuances like no one else. We had a short but insightful conversation with him on what makes Mumbai stand apart. Excerpts:

  • How Mumbai is slowly but surely becoming environment-friendly

    The sea seemed to be telling Mumbai, ‘Take your trash back’ as it threw up a whole lot of garbage with the high tide on July 14. A quick look at that garbage was enough to establish the presence of plastic in large quantities. Though it is a matter of debate whether Mumbai threw those tons of garbage into the sea or it came from somewhere else, fact remains that nature is

  • Mumbai is undoubtedly the gateway of Indian advertising

    By virtue of being the commercial capital of India, where most consumer goods companies had their head offices, Mumbai became the obvious choice for advertising agencies to set up shop. Dattaram Advertising, the first ad agency, was founded in 1905. It released the first ad for West End Watch Co in Mumbai in 1907.

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