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  • Whatever Your Life Goals, Always Have these 6 Essentials

    Each individual is different and unique in his or her own way. As people differ, so do their goals and aspirations from life. For some, it’s the wealth they build up for themselves that matters to them most, while for others it’s the fame.

  • Good Financial Gifts that you can give your Father this Father’s Day

    This Father’s Day, you have the chance to strengthen the bond between your father and you by gifting him something that he will never forget. No, it is not only about little trinkets and mementos; it is about creating whole new memories to treasure throughout life. With financial amenities such as Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Schemes, mutual fund investment plans, insurance policies and much more at your disposal, Bajaj Finance is


    Practically speaking to survive you need lots of money. Hard work is surely one of the best ways to make money. But you also need to invest smartly. Combination of hard work and smart work will reap huge benefits. The best investors in the world will tell you that if you want to make money from the market then you need to follow some principles and you need to have a proper strategy. Here

  • All you need to Know about Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

    A Personal Loan is an extremely useful financial resource. You can use it to take care of a host of expenses such as going on an international holiday, buying a car, urgent healthcare bills, or paying for your child’s education. However, you have to first qualify for a Personal Loan based on your lender’s eligibility criteria.

  • Travel insurance: All you need to know

    With Indian taking trips to foreign lands often, travel insurance is increasingly gaining popularity. Nikunj Gandhi lists everything you need to know about it

  • How To Use Home Loan To Save Taxes

    The Axis bank home loan and many other loan holders have got a new benefit under which those who take personal and HUF loan loans will get a discount of Rs 2 lakh on the interest of home loan under Section 24, earlier this was 1.5 lakh rupees.

  • This is how to improve your CIBIL score

    Now that we have understood a few basics of managing and handling a credit cart, Nikunj Gandhi tells you how to improve your CIBIL score

  • Credit Cards: What you need to know

    Having a credit card is not a new thing; they have been in existence for several decades now. But even today, many are sceptical of being sucked into the world of ‘living on credit’. In a three-part series, Nikunj Gandhi will be demystifying myths and bringing to the fore some facts associated with being a credit card holder

  • 5 Tiny We Only Think of in Times of Need

    Has it ever happened that you saved for your son’s tenth birthday; however, your wife fell sick? You had to spend the extra money, not for the birthday but your wife’s treatment? It is a story that everyone has gone through in life. Such situations take a toll on our mind and stress us to the extent that we start panicking. Rainy days will never bother you if you plan to buy an umbrella

  • 5 Advantages of Having a Fixed Deposit Account in 2018

    A fixed deposit is an investment instrument that helps you increase your wealth and preserve your funds for the future. With recent updates to Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, senior citizens get more tax exemption on their income from bank FDs. This coupled with the low risk that FDs bear, give you a huge financial advantage.