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  • How to manage the middle child syndrome

    The middle child syndrome is not a clinical syndrome, it is a result of the birth order or discrepancy the child faces. It is the feeling of exclusion experienced by middle children, which occurs because the first child is more prone to receiving privileges and responsibilities while the youngest is more likely to receive indulgences. The middle child, left with no clear role in the family, can end up feeling lost. The

  • Rum Day 2018! A sip of the culture behind the spirit

    Rum is, without a doubt, the most underappreciated spirit in history. Whenever one thinks of sophisticated, classical drinks, rum rarely makes it to the list. Whiskey is easily pictured in the hands of a moustachioed gentleman sitting on a recliner with a book and a cigar. Rum is linked with images of pirates and a harder, more exciting lot. Over the years, however, the drink has built up a massive fan base

  • Book reading of Chanchal Sanyal’s The Glass House by the inimitable Naseeruddin Shah

    The success of a book reading depends on the book and equally on the reader – in this case it was a double whammy: a book we can easily identify with and a well-loved baritone conveying it to our ears. Author Chanchal Sanyal and arguably India’s best actor, Naseeruddin Shah came together to share excerpts from the former’s The Glass House: A Year of our Days. Pegged as a darkly comic take

  • Roller Coaster Day: Ride in the sky with these record-breaking roller coasters from around the globe

    It lets you scream at the top of your lungs, gives you a momentary rise up free of gravity with your hands thrown in the air and makes you see the world upside down. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of riding a roller coaster. It might just be one of humanity’s most impressive creations yet! Not only are they extremely fun to ride, but they also give birth to many adrenaline junkies. So,

  • National Handloom Day 2018: “Celebrating such days brings awareness about our rich textiles”, says Purvi Doshi

    Today, as the country weaves in to celebrate National Handloom Day, we ponder upon its significance through the lens of its makers. A day in memory of the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ of 1905, India has been a hub of organic looms that serve as an employment scheme to the artisans and craftsmen who put in hours of labour to provide the finest of couture as an end product.

  • Rabindranath Tagore’s death anniversary: 7 movies based on Gurudev’s works

    Rabindranath Tagore was an immensely talented poet, essayist, writer, spiritualist, painter, educationist, and novelist. He has aced every field he has stepped in. He was the first non-European to be felicitated with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. His works have been translated in many languages and serve as an inspiration to the millions even today. It has been 77 years since his death, but his legacy lives on through his

  • Book nostalgia! Recollecting the childhood joys of borrowed books

    These days during school vacations, the season of joy for children, you find them going crazy over mobile games, computer games and TV programmes. Time was when these things did not exist. All you had for entertainment was Doordarshan, which began its telecast at six in the evening, with a show on agriculture or some such topic. Yes, there were films in the single screen theatres. But they were a luxury to

  • Book Lovers Day 2018: The irresistible book stores of India

    If you love the smell of a new book better than perfumes, and your friends like calling you ‘bookworm’ then book-stores are always a treat for you. Some book-stores are so unique that they are becoming a destination in themselves. With rich histories, unique collections, and high popularity, they have built themselves to be cultural institutions in cities across the country.