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  • India needs to be wary of foxy China

    India can ill afford to be coy with China. The Chinese are spreading their tentacles all across Asia and there cannot be any escape from confrontation with it unless this country surrenders to the hegemonic designs of the dragon.

  • Bad loans: Advantage NBFCs & private banks

    Last week, in his annual letter to shareholders of Kotak Mahindra Bank, Uday Kotak, the managing director, stated that private sector banks could increase their market share to as much as 50%. Till a few years ago, private sector banks were expected to carve out a market share of around 32% by 2025.

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    PM Narendra Modi’s green mission is lost in haze

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a self-declared environment buff. His government’s policy on environment, however, is as hazy as the toxic dust cloud which enveloped Delhi in the first half of June, trapping megajoules of heat until the streets sizzled. For a week, Delhi’s collective lungs sucked in more hot dust than oxygen.

  • Stop drama and start working

    The extraordinary political tamasha in the national capital continues for the second successive week on Tuesday. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers took over the lounge of the office of the Union Territory’s Lt Governor Anil Baijwal without as much as by your leave and have camped there since. Outside, hundreds of AAP workers, lugged daily by the legislators, enact another drama, abusing Baijal, Prime Minister Modi and even IAS

  • Miss America pageant announces dropping of swimsuit, raises questions

    This must have slipped through the many more earth-shattering news reports from around the world, but it could be a very tiny step forward for women that the Miss America pageant announced the dropping of the swimsuit and evening gown competition. Gretchen Carlson, chairwoman of Miss America’s board of trustees, is quoted as having said, “We are no longer a pageant. We are a competition. We will no longer judge our candidates

  • ‘Kashmir’ sacrificed for ‘Mission 2019’

    Political compulsions seem to be a reason for the BJP and PDP parting ways in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday after their over three year old alliance left both parties apparently wary of their political base shrinking in view of feedback that things had not worked out as desired and could continue the same way till the Lok Sabha polls. The parties had formed the coalition despite having major differences of views

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    Be pragmatic in foreign relations

    Thanks to the rise of China as a military and economic power, several nations in India’s periphery and beyond have had to revisit their old and established external relations. With China unhesitatingly, in some cases, brazenly exploiting both its superior economic and military clout, smaller nations have had difficulty resisting its pressures. This, in turn, has brought quite a few headaches for India’s policy makers. Not long ago, India used to have

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    Here is why farmers are agitating

    When Indian economy has grown at an estimated rate of 6.7 per cent in FY-18, there shouldn’t be a cause for complain from any sector of the economy. But when the economy runs largely on one wheel – government expenditure – and the government hides behind the headline GDP number, the ground reality can be vastly different. One sector where unhappiness has turned into public anger is agriculture, though the BJP-led government’s

  • Provoking others to achieve fame

    Public discourse in a large and diverse country in India invariably tends to be episodic. What grabs the headlines for a day or even a week often sinks without trace subsequently, with historians guaranteed to not even accord it a footnote. To be fair, the print media is relatively a minor offender. But the way TV news has evolved over the past two decades, has made the phenomenon more widespread and given