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  • The beginning of ethical cleansing: From Swachch Bharat to Demonetisation

    Shortly after the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election earlier this summer, an Opposition stalwart confessed his intense bewilderment at having misread the public mood. Active in politics since the early 1970s and a veteran legislator both in the State Assembly and Parliament, he imagined that the demonetisation of November 8, 2016 would have generated a backlash whose intensity would have devastated the Bharatiya Janata Party.

  • A Supreme Court divided against itself

    We are appalled at the sheer ugliness displayed by the purveyors of justice last week. Proceedings in the highest court in the land last Thursday and Friday did no one involve proud. How we wish the country was spared this sordid spectacle of the higher judiciary itself being bogged down in charges of corruption and wrong-doing. People expected better from Their Lordships and the lawyers who indulged in mud-slinging without any concern

  • British politics: The fallout of Priti Patel’s fall

    It is learnt that the US President, Donald Trump, is also not very happy with Theresa May. In this situation, it would be interesting to watch May’s next steps to retain her  power and ensure better foothold for the Tories in Britain.