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  • Dead baby found alive before burial

    New Delhi: A newborn, which was reportedly declared dead by medical authorities here, was later found to be alive just before burial.

  • bribe

    In Coimbatore, bribe to get dead out of mortuary!

    Salem/Coimbatore: In Tamil Nadu, or specifically in Coimbatore, you now have to pay a bribe to take a dead body out of a hospital mortuary. This is what happened unfortunately in the case of a dead 17-year-old girl, Bagyashree, whose family was forced to carry her out of the mortuary of a hospital to the ambulance because they refused to a pay a bribe of Rs.3000 demanded by hospital workers.

  • Shocking Video: Live donkey fed to tigers in China zoo

    There were many people present at that time when tragic incident took place in China Zoo. A video is going viral where we can see around 6 people throwing a donkey in water, which will become food for tigers. Conditions in many Chinese zoos are notoriously cruel, and guests often throw food or other objects at animals. Many animals are locked in simple metal cages or placed in barren pits.

  • Man arrested over note found in Australian airliner toilet

    Sydney: A passenger was arrested after an Australian domestic airliner landed in a regional airport today because of a note found near a toilet, police said. Police would not comment on a report in The Australian newspaper alleging that the passenger wrote on a sick bag that he had stashed a bomb on the Virgin Australia ATR 72 twin- engine turboprop plane.
    Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported that a single-word note was found near

  • Peacocks are Brahmachari, they don’t have sex: Rajasthan High Court judge

    New Delhi: Sharing a baffling view on the national bird peacock, Rajasthan High Court judge Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma on Wednesday said they are brahmachari (celibrate) and don’t have sex. “Peacock was made the national bird of India because it is Brahmachari. Cow is pious like peacock. Peahen doesn’t need to have sex to get pregnant. It just swallows tears of the peacock,” he said.

  • Woman in Bihar refuses to marry dark-complexioned groom

    A woman in Bihar’s Buxar district refused to marry a dark-complexioned groom, saying he was not ‘smart’ enough for her, a police official said on Wednesday. The groom, Anjani Chouhan, was shocked after his would-be-bride refused to marry him citing his dark complexion at the marriage mandap in Ramrekha Ghat in Buxar town, about 125 km from Patna, on Tuesday.

  • Shocking! Meat of pet dog consumed after kidnapping

    Gurugram: A shocking incident has come into light where a group of youth kidnapped a pet dog named Brownie from Haryana’s DLF Phase- 2 and beat it to death and later consumed its meat.

  • Did alien hunter spot tree on Mars? Watch video

    As we all know Mars is a dry, cold deserted land with an atmosphere so thin, liquid water is impossible to exist on the surface. But, some alien hunters believe that they have found evidence of green vegetation on Mars.

  • Man shoots, kills son in argument over who would walk dog

    Washington : A man shot and killed his 22-year-old son in the US after an argument between the two over who would walk the family dog escalated into a shootout. Police responded to a call of a person shot at a home in Chicago’s Burnside neighborhood on Sunday.