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  • OMG! Redmi Note 4 explodes in pocket of user in Andhra Pradesh

    A shocking incident of an alleged explosion in Redmi smartphone has been reported from Andhra Pradesh. According to a news portal, a Redmi Note 4 smartphone exploded in the pocket of a user in Ravulapalem in East Godavari district on Sunday. The owner, Bhavana Suryakiran, reportedly suffered serious injuries due to the explosion.

  • Bizarre! A mother delivers her baby to orphanage by courier

    Now days couriers are used for almost everything to send but in China it was used for bizarre thing, in a tragic incident one woman in Fuzhou appears to have taken things just a bit too far by attempting to mail her newborn to the local orphanage. The mother, whose surname is Luo, admitted to wrapping her daughter in a plastic bag. She is currently under custody for suspected child abandonment, according

  • Man in Jharkhand receives electricity bill of Rs. 38 billion

    Jamshedpur: A man in Jamshedpur was in for a shock when he received an electricity bill of Rs. 38 billion on Sunday. B.R. Guha was handed the non-payment of the bill by the Jharkhand Electricity Board, following which, electricity was disconnected from his home.

  • Scary Tale! Ohio woman rescued after boa constrictor wrapped around her face

    A woman placed a frantic 911 call after her pet boa constrictor latched onto her nose and wrapped itself around her neck. The 45-year-old woman, from Sheffield lake resident from Ohio, had adopted the 1.7 metre boa a day earlier along with another boa constrictor.

  • Los Angeles man arrested for smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans

    Washington DC: A man has been arrested in Los Angeles, United States, for smuggling three live and highly poisonous King Cobra Snakes in potato chip cans. Los Angeles Police was quoted by media as saying that 34-year-old Rodrigo Franco had been charged with illegally importing merchandise into the country from Hong Kong.

  • Bizarre: Bengaluru man plays guitar during seven-hour-long brain surgery

    In what seems to be news straight out of Grey’s Anatomy episode, a 32-year-old man from Bengaluru played the guitar while undergoing a seven-hour-long brain surgery. A techie-turned musician played the guitar on the operation table as he underwent a surgery at a private hospital in Bengaluru for a rare movement disorder affecting guitarists, Abhishek Prasad.

  • OMG! Youth climbs on top of Howrah Bridge, spreads panic

    Kolkata: In a bizarre incident, a youth climbed on top of the city’s iconic Howrah Bridge on Friday morning disrupting traffic and causing panic among pedestrians, a fire department official said.

  • US man could face 300 years in jail for sexual assaults

    Los Angeles: A man living in California, charged with sexually assaulting at least four children including a five-year-old, could face 300 years in prison, a report said on Wednesday.