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  • Mars

    Did alien hunter spot tree on Mars? Watch video

    As we all know Mars is a dry, cold deserted land with an atmosphere so thin, liquid water is impossible to exist on the surface. But, some alien hunters believe that they have found evidence of green vegetation on Mars.

  • man-shoots

    Man shoots, kills son in argument over who would walk dog

    Washington : A man shot and killed his 22-year-old son in the US after an argument between the two over who would walk the family dog escalated into a shootout. Police responded to a call of a person shot at a home in Chicago’s Burnside neighborhood on Sunday.

  • newbornbaby_6

    Declared dead at hospital, newborn found alive before burial

    Bundi: In a shocking incident, a newborn was today declared “dead” allegedly by the nursing staff of a government hospital after they failed to find any “movement or respiration” by the baby, but was found alive by the family members right before the burial.

  • index

    Kerala boy turns father at 14     

    Thiruvananthapuram: A 14-year-old boy from Kerala has become a father, after begetting a child with a woman four years older than him, in Kochi, about 200 kms from here. Paternity tests conducted on the eighth standard student has confirmed that he is the father of a two-month-old baby girl, police said today. The 18-year-old girl, is the boy’s first cousin and were neighbours. The girl had alleged that she had been raped

  • stab

    Man cuts off his wife’s ears in Afghanistan

    Mazar-I-Sharif: A man in northern Afghanistan has cut off his young wife’s ears, the head of a hospital caring for her said today, confirming the brutal act of domestic violence.

  • imgfrog-marriage

    Assam: Unique ‘frog wedding’ organised to appease rain god

    Guwahati (Assam): Lakhimpur witnessed an extraordinary event, where two souls were united solely with the intention of appeasing the rain god Indra, however, the bride and groom appeared to be without any embellishments and were silent throughout the ceremony as the bride was a frog and the groom a bamboo puppet!

  • rajesh-yadav

    In search of parking, man parks car on Andheri railway platform

    Today Mumbai is paying tribute to 26/11 martrys, but a day before eight anniversary of 26/11, on 25 November an absurd news came up. A man drove a car inside Andheri station and parked inside the station thinking it to be a road.