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  • Karnataka drama not finished yet

    The first episode in the Karnataka drama ended with the BJP suffering a setback. It should not have staked the claim for government formation when it was short of eight MLAs in the newly–elected Assembly. It did. The hope to wean away a handful of legislators from the Congress and the JD(S) to make up the shortfall did not work. Neither did the lure of ministership nor money. Crucially, the Supreme Court

  • Bracing for adverse macro indicators

    The re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran might mean lesser global supply causing oil prices to remain high. Much of the oil producers may side with the US on the Iran issue, so that an easy resolution seems unlikely. India’s import of oil may go up by 50 billion dollars more than last year, and the total bill could be as high as eight percent of the GDP.

  • Yeddyurappa at press conference

    Karnataka Elections 2018: Now, the bell is tolling for the BJP

    What was happening; not happening for a week has finally happened and the state of Karnataka witnessed a shameful fall of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the floor of the State Assembly. BJP’s Yeddyurappa would go in the history as a beneficiary of one of the shortest lived chief minister. Here, I do not wish to blame Yeddyurappa alone for the steep fall of the party. The blame and the responsibility

  • Yeddyurappa sworn-in as K'taka CMYeddyurappa sworn-in as K'taka CM

    Welcome Supreme Court order for Karnataka

    At a time when a partisan Governor decides to overlook precedents and Sarkaria Commission recommendations on the way forward when no single party has obtained an absolute majority, the Supreme Court stepped in and ordered that Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa will not get 15 days time to prove his majority. The SC order makes it very clear that Governor Vajubhai Vala was wrong in being so magnanimous as to have given

  • Troubling free fall of the Rupee

    The Rupee has been sliding lately. The price of the Rupee was hovering around Rs 64 to a US Dollar for the last few years. Recently, it has slid to Rs 67 and analysts expect it to further decline to about Rs 70 to a Dollar. The price of the Rupee is determined in our foreign exchange market. It is similar to how the price of potato is determined in the weekly

  • Born yet again: 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamad

    Some might say that the fulminations of Malaysia’s born-again 92-year-old Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad against his successor Najib Razzak sound like the pot calling the kettle black. The 1MDB scandal involving the alleged theft of $4.5 billion (including $700 million by Najib himself and around $30 million worth of jewellery for his wife according to US investigators) cost Najib the election. But the nineties resonated with similar tales against Mahathir.