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  • Leadership vacuum in Goa

    The political and, maybe, even a constitutional crisis has been building up in Goa ever since Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar was stricken by a serious, wasting illness earlier this year. He has been in and out of hospital, having been flown to the US for the treatment of pancreatitis, and is presently admitted in the premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences in the national capital. So poor is his health that

  • Can “Modi Hatao” serve as glue for the Opposition?

    The non-BJP opposition is becoming increasingly vary if their single point agenda of “Modi Hatao” can send the BJP led NDA government packing in next year’s general elections. This is particularly so with the National Executive of the Lotus party at its meeting recently drawing attention to the mood being exuberant and brimming with confidence.

  • Why RSS outreach just now?

    Everybody is talking of whether or not Congress and the rest of the Opposition made a mistake not accepting the invitation to attend the RSS meet. But ask about the timing of the meet, why now? Therein, probably, lies a story, or maybe two. One of them linked to the Opposition’s decision to spurn the invite.

  • BJP can’t afford not to relent on oil prices

    The crisis on the oil front is unmistakably serious but there are redeeming features which make it look less serious than it did in 1991 when foreign exchange reserves were sufficient for only a few weeks’ imports and in 2008 in the wake of the Lehman Brothers’ collapse and the global financial crisis.

  • Suu Kyi’s pragmatism

    Hand-wringing in some quarters that Myanmar’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, did not stand up to her global reputation and, instead, seems to have endorsed the violent and repressive actions of the military junta, ignore a vital fact. Which is that she could have stood by principles of liberty, equality and democracy only by alienating the junta, and thus, finding herself marginalised in the sharply divided polity of the

  • Changing Uttar Pradesh scenario

    Politics might be opportunistic, unprincipled, selfish, ugly, etc, but dull it never is. For, its practitioners represent almost every colour in the multi-hued kaleidoscope. Just when you thought the BJP might be in for tough times ahead in the 2019 election following the unlikely jugalbandi between Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav, out pops Shivpal Yadav, threatening to spoil the party. The newfound bonhomie between the SP’s ‘bhatija’ and the BSP’s ‘bua’, it seems,

  • Dalit: Powerful unifying term

    The emergence of the ‘Dalit’ identity has been the result of a long Indian history. ‘Dalit’ is a popular identity in India as it is in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other parts of the world. Further, ‘Dalit’ is not limited to the Hindu religion alone. The identity transcends religion as there are Christian Dalits, Muslim Dalits, Sikh Dalits, Buddhist Dalits and Jain Dalits, too. This is, therefore, a word and an identity

  • Falling rupee, soaring oil prices & rising worries

    It’s been a waterfall like slide for the rupee against the US dollar over the past few months. Last week, the rupee crashed below the 72-mark to end at a life low of 72.69 against the US dollar on growing fears of a rebound in oil prices and escalation of global trade war. The domestic currency’s previous all-time closing low was 68.73, touched on November 24, 2016.  Earlier in June, when the

  • Student election isn’t a political referendum

    Political parties are quite naturally inclined to talk up their successes and underplay the significance of setbacks. Under the circumstances, the elation in the BJP over the ABVP’s victory in three of the four elected posts for the Delhi University Student’s Union is understandable. Likewise, it is also entirely predictable that the Congress has blamed faulty EVMs for its failure to hold on to the body. Blaming defeats on electoral irregularities has,

  • Rehashing an old story

    The exchange of invective between the ruling party and the Congress over the escape of the bank defaulter Vijay Mallya seems to be a rehash of the March 2016 exchanges when he had actually fled the country. This is unmindful of the fact that even at that time, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was accused of meeting the King of Good Times before he left the country, and, equally vehemently, the FM had

  • Rahul Gandhi destined for political wilderness?

    Petrol and Diesel, by themselves, have become the most inflammable issues in Indian politics now. The ever-rising prices of petroleum products have the potential to set any political system on fire, if the current developments in India are any pointer. After a long chase to catch an issue that can bring the entire opposition together and also grab people’s pulse, the Opposition found the issue of ever increasing prices of Petrol and