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  • This Mumbai photographer helps you to recreate vintage family portraits for free

    Vintage family photographs are a treasure for any family. The photographs taken were not like today’s casual snapshots but a formal affair when a family would wear best clothes and jewelry. The sepia-shaded photographs would have a family donning an ethnic attire with a garden background waiting for that perfect click. The photographs itself had a story to tell. Most of us flip the old photo albums every now and then. But

  • Parsi New Year 2017: 10 Bollywood stars who portray versatility of the community

    Often portrayed as chilled and intelligent, there’s more to Parsi community than their accent and looks. Bollywood has often made films around them. Parsis in India is one of the most successful minority groups in the world. Their contribution to the Indian cinema is invaluable with their persuasive talent. Not to forget their wacky sense of humour. Here’s a 10 prominent Parsis in Bollywood that portrays the versatility of the community.

  • 5 popular Parsis in India

    Though Parsis are one of the minority groups in India and make less than 0.005 percent of entire India’s population, they occupy three positions when it comes to country’s top 10 billionaires. The history of the community is around 3,000 years old and their names have been mentioned in history as well. The community fled from Iran and moved to India in the 10th century and since then have a major share in

  • Prison inmates get lessons on fashion

    Presidency Correctional Centre in Kolkata produces designer Abhishek Dutta’s pret collection, Shillpi A Singh reports  

  • Independence Day 2017: 10 Bollywood patriotic songs that are a must on your playlist

    India is all set to celebrate Independence Day on Tuesday. No celebration is complete without a Bollywood twist. Bollywood has its’s own way of expressing love for the country. From Nanha munna rahi hu to Chak De! India, over the years Indian Cinema has gifted us some of the beautiful tracks, however old they are, they are evergreen and soothing to the ears. We have listed 10 Bollywood patritic songs that will

  • Why do we celebrate Independence Day on August 15?

    January 26 was being celebrated as the Independence day by Congress party after Congress President Jawaharlal Nehru called for total independence from the British rule in 1929. The celebration continued till India attained Independence and January 26, 1950, was chosen as the Republic Day. The story of how ‘August 15’ was chosen as Independence Day is quite fascinating. Read on to know.

  • 7 on screen Bollywood siblings that beautifully capture the relationship

    Sibling love cannot be summarised in words. Bollywood has its own way of showcasing the eternal relationship in a poignant and fun way. And since a sibling love isn’t always the typical filmy love, it is easier to relate to it. There are Bollywood movies that beautifully captures the deep emotional dependence and that’s the reason we love to revisit it every now and then. Here is a look at the best on-screen Bollywood

  • 10 Bollywood siblings who give us some serious sibling goals

    Siblings are the best (and even the worst!) things that happened to us. You can call them enemy you cannot live without. They are the ones with whom you can share your happiness and sorrows and even annoy them 24*7. They are always there to support us. Most of the siblings are like Tom and Jerry but there are even some who are really sweet like a honey coating, making us wonder

  • Remembering Rabindranath Tagore: A Poetic Tribute by the Bard Fan

    It was 76 years ago today that one of India’s most loved poet, author and writer Rabindranath Tagore passed away leaving behind an enviable legacy. While remembering the Bard, we present Amit Ranjan’s poem which he wrote for his birthday a few years ago. 

  • Into the fascinating world of Book Fairies

    In the run up to their first treasure hunt organised worldwide, Preeja Aravind attempts to find out what is so fascinating about these creatures called Book Fairies