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    Here’s why men’s and women’s shirt buttons are placed on opposite sides

    Another regular morning, you are getting ready for your work, taking out your favourite shirt from the wardrobe, but before you wear it, hold on! Why not go a bit deep into the mundane routine? Okay. To start with, have you ever noticed the buttons of your shirt and your partner’s? If the answer is no, then do it now. You will be surprised to know that the buttons of men’s shirt are on

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    Ramayana: Rael Padamsee to revisits the iconic epic

    Raell Padamsee’s new production looks at the Ramayana from a different perspective. Boski Gupta tries to unravel the purpose behind rediscovering the book

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    Tips and tricks to spice up your sex life

    Any couple’s sex life can get monotonous after a while. Sapna Sarfare finds ways to spice up your sex life with some help from Kamasutra

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    Life lessons from Rubik’s cube

    Romuald Andrade gives us tips and tricks on ways to manage the never-ending conflict between these two important aspects

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    Turn Around for Miracles

    It is so ironical that no school, college or university we go to, teach us what “We”actually are. I am not talking of the biological study of the body. We are taught about this world, the other world, galaxies, milky way’s, geography, history, maths etc. But we don’t know about our mind, our inner state, why our mood changes. How we can be fearless, stress free, how to handle difficult situations etc. That’s

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    Overcoming bereavement

    Dr Shrirang Bakhle tells us how to divert our minds and energy post the loss of a loved one

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    Lost regional sports that every Indian should know about

    It’s only now that Mallakhamba has gained national importance, but there are numerous other regional sports which too should come to limelight. Sonali Pimputkar lists a few local flavours state-wise

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    End of the road, for the beloved Ambassador

    In this poignant obituary to the India’s most loved auto brand, Boski Gupta outlines the legacy left behind by the majestic Ambassador

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    Mallakhamb: The lost Indian sport

    The mallakhamb lovers and its proponents have taken upon themselves urging the authorities to include the sport in Olympics, reports Manasi Y Mastakar

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    Entities Calling

    What are entities?