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The enigma of police queries to Rahul’s staff


Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : The reported visit of a Delhi police team to the office of Congress heir apparent Rahul Gandhi in party headquarters, New Delhi,  and the inquiries they made there on his physical appearance, in particular about the colour of his eyes and his hair colour, are extremely baffling.

There is indeed no clue as to why they were looking for this personal information and why they could not get it from the internet where it should be readily available. What adds an element of drama to the visit is that Rahul is away on a sabbatical since February 16 and while there is intense speculation on where he has gone at a time when his presence was required for an important Parliament session, the media is clueless about where he has gone and what he is doing.

The talk is that Rahul extended his leave from the Congress earlier this week and is expected to return only by March end. Other reports say that when he goes out on his mysterious trips, Rahul does not travel with the Special Protection Group that is responsible for his security. Why are his destinations kept a closely-guarded secret and why a media which is otherwise fairly enterprising is not able to ascertain where he goes are also questions that beg an answer.

As for the police team’s visit to his office, why this extraordinary intrusion into his privacy at a time when he is not in the metro? It is quite understandable as to why Congressmen are piqued about the intrusion. The coming week is the last of the first half of the Budget session and the government is keen to bring in the Land Acquisition Bill.  In such a scenario, it remains to be seen how the Congress takes up the Rahul issue.

Reports that the Delhi police has been asked by the Union Home Ministry to clarify what it was doing in Rahul’s office would have us believe that it was not consulted on it. Overall, the whole operation sounds enigmatic and there is need to set the record straight.