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Narmada- Kshipra river linking project to be opened on Feb 6



Indore: The Rs 432- crore Narmada- Kshipra river link project will all set to restore the glory of Malwa region. It will also remove concern regarding water in this region.Come February 6, the project will be commissioned and the dry bed of Shipra will once again return to life. On the day, water from River Narmada will flow into Kshipra, which is almost dry for about 40 km from its source in Ujjaini.

Experts says it may take a few days more to re- flow water into river Kshipra after filling water in stop- dams, tributaries and dry and deep pouches on the riverbed.In the mean time, the engineers are busy in testing the pipelines.The project would be completed in record timing of 15 months.

Sources in Narmada Valley Development Authority ( NVDA) said that Kshipra is almost dry till Tehsil Shipra, where water is stopped through a dam. In between there are dry and deep pouches in the bottom of Shipra and there are few dry tributaries of it too.

Hence, after filling up all such water bodies and inundating dry bottom of the river and banks, the water would be able to flow into Shipra. A high ranking officer of the NVDA said on the condition of anonymity that for doing so it may take few more hour or day from our expectations.

However, the NVDA officials are doing additional work to give final touches to the whole project and arrangements for the inauguration programme scheduled for February 6 at village Ujjani, the origin point of Kshipra, where the water of Narmada will be flown for the first time.