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Narendra Kumar is PCCF of wildlife

BHOPAL: The Forest department has transferred seven IFS officers. The official order issued on Wednesday afternoon contains transfers of Dr PK Shukla from PCCF ( wildlife) to PCCF ( action plan and forest land record), Narendra Kumar PCCF ( action plan and forest land record) to PCCF ( wildlife), Jitendra Agrawal APCCF ( development) to APCCF ( wildlife), Ravi Shrivastava APCCF ( community forestry) to APCCF ( protection), Ratan Purwar APCCF ( budget and finance) to APCCF ( development), Dharmesh Shukla APCCF ( IT) to APCCF ( finance and budget) and Bhagwat Singh CCF ( wildlife) to CCF ( IT).