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Nana Patekar has no ‘sympathy’ for Dutt!

Padma Awards 2013`

New Delhi : Known for his acerbic tongue, veteran actor Nana Patekar has strongly condemned Sanjay Dutt’s constant appeals for pardon. After receiving Padmashree from the President, Nana displayed his aversion to the crime committed by Sanjay Dutt, in an interview to local Marathi channel ABP Maza.

Nana said, “The crime committed by Sanjay is of a very serious nature and he must undergo the punishment given to him by the court to him. As an artiste I will never work with him or watch his movies from now on. That is the least punishment that I can give to him. I can’t understand why he is appealing for pardon. Everyone is equal in front of law rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. He is Sanju Baba for all but not for me. I am not his enemy but the crime he has done is heinous.” Also criticising the incidents of rapes in Delhi Nana said, “ After hearing so many news on women harassment, I don’t feel that this India is mine. People are forgetting our culture and roots.”

Suggesting changes in the education system, he said, “In school curriculum, history is allocated 80 marks, however civics has been given only 20 marks. It should be reversed now. Children need to learn civic sense before anything else.”