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Youth enters ladies’ coach, indulges in obscenity, rlys refuse to file plaint


Mumbai : On Friday afternoon, around 2.42pm, when the Panvel local left Chhatrapatil Shivaji Maharaj terminus, suddenly a girl screamed from the second class ladies’ coach.

Hearing the screams of the girl, from the adjacent general compartment, it was observed that a pervert male was sitting next to a girl and indulging in obscene act. The boy flashed the girl.

 A commuter from the adjacent compartment, Jitesh Utekar, threatened him and asked him to leave the coach. Instead of leaving the train, the youth went and stood on the footboard. Utekar clicked photographs and shot a video of him.

Meanwhile, the other commuters too raised their voices causing the boy to jump out even as the train was pulling into Masjid station.

Shaken by the episode, the girl began to cry. Utekar then dialed the Railway Police Force and General Railway Police helplines. She was asked to file a complaint, but was too frightened to do so.  In fact, the help arrived only at Wadala station.

Finally the girl left and Utekar decided to register the complaint. If the delay in getting the girl any help was not enough, the Wadala railway police sent Utekar to CSMT. And if this merry go round was not enough, the railway police at CSMT also refused to accept his complaint, saying only the girl can lodge a complaint.

Finally, Utekar resorted to put this entire episode on social media platform. Utekar is an Engineer Railway Enthusiast. Till now, the railways have not responded to his tweet.

“@JiteshUtekar She was shocked after this incident & didn’t speak anything. As a responsible citizen I had been to VDLR GRP, but i was sent to CSMT. I went there too but still no FIR registered as victim has to come & register complaint itself. What a law!”