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World Environment Day: 5 steps you can take from your home to better the environment


For spreading awareness globally, UN celebrates World Environment Day on 5th June of every year. So here are some small and easy ways to contribute for environment from home and make your own home’s environment beautiful.

Best out of waste: Yes it is possible to make organic fertilizer from waste material of kitchen. Perished fruits, flowers and vegetables, animal excreta can be piled in garden and after sometime it produces fertilizer. But make sure that these garbage should be covered properly otherwise this can become cause of various diseases.

Make a beautiful garden: It is fun for an individual to plant their own favourite flowers, fruits and vegetables in the garden or in the balcony. This can become more attractive and beautiful if using beautiful pots like terracotta for plantation. People spend huge amount on room fresheners but if they plant flowers around their home they will get natural aura.

Plants that purify air: Plantation is an easy step to pure air around your home. Plants like Cactus, Garden mum, spider plant and many more can save family members from air pollution and disease related to air and also contribute in savings as not to spend much on medicines and air purification mechanisms.

Combination of Small and Big plants: During summers, water always become a concern. So for saving water there is a good way to plant combination like big plant first and small next because big plants can easily protect small ones and though they need less water.

Water pots for birds: Water pots in the balcony, terrace and garden can save many little birds and in return birds chirp in and around your home with their soothing voice.