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Water, power cuts in areas where NCP-Cong didn’t get votes:BJP


Mumbai: BJP today accused the Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra of indulging in “vendetta politics” by cutting off water/power supply to the areas where the ruling alliance did not get votes.

“The Congress-NCP government should stop this demonic behaviour and remember that they have to face Assembly polls in four months,” BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari said here.

“There have been complaints about water and electricity supply getting cut in the areas where the ruling parties did not get votes (in the Lok Sabha elections),” Bhandari said.

“Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had warned the people of a village (in Pune district) to vote for NCP candidate Supriya Sule or face water cut. This seems to be the attitude of the ruling alliance,” Bhandari said, referring to an alleged statement made by Pawar before the elections.

Bhandari alleged that Shahupuri in Satara, where NCP nominee won, was not getting water for the last three days as the locals did not vote as per the expectations of the ruling party.

In Tasgaon tehsil of NCP leader and Home Minister R R Patil, water supply to 52 villages had been cut as BJP did well in this area in the polls, he said.

While, in Beed district, where senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde won, the Parli area was facing 16-hour power cuts daily, the BJP spokesperson further alleged.