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Tribal couple, villagers feel ‘pride moment’ in presence of RSS chief


Mumbai : “Marriage is the ceremony that denotes one’s resolve to instill sanskar, sanskriti, ability and a sense of belonging towards the society, in one’s own family,” said RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat as he blessed the couple Devidas and Malti at the wedding ceremony in the remote village Torandongri of the Surgana taluka in Nashik district here on Friday.

Devidas Kamdi, the bridegroom, works as a cook at the Pitruchhaya office of RSS at Dadar where Bhagwat stays while in Mumbai. Few years back, when Devidas was recuperating from major spine surgery, Bhagwat had promised him to attend his marriage provided he gets a three-month window to plan such a visit. Devidas did accordingly, and today all his dreams came true.

Though the marriage ceremony was a simple one, everybody from Malti and Devidas’ village had gathered there to witness the ‘pride moment’ when a national-internationally known personality has actually come down to their village. Local MLA Jiva Pandu Gavit and MP Harischandra Chavan, who had hardly visited their village even during elections, too were there along with several of the other people’s representatives from across the taluka. “The Kikni tribe to which Devidas and Malti belong has a rich culture and a marriage ceremony in the community usually runs for around five days including the actual day when the nuptial knot is tied.

The friends of both, the bride and the groom play drums, dance for days and nights together. Different types of drums are played and different dances performed and each of them has significance in the marriage ceremony,” said Ramnath Chavan, who is local panchayat member.

The area around Torandongri, the northern belt of Surgana taluka, was always a communist dominated area. J P Gavit, the local MLA, is the senior-most MLA in the current assembly, who is representing the Kalwan seat for the record seventh time.

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