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This is the perfect way to enjoy high-tide at Marine Drive


Mumbai witnesses beautiful high tides lashing Marine Drive and other sea-side locations. Marine Drive witnessed a high tide with a maximum heights of 4.06 metres on Wednesday. The city is receiving continuous rainfall since the couple of hours. Though police urge people to avoid such locations, people flocked to Marine Drive to see the high tide. The highest tide of this season was recorded on Sunday at a height of 5.02 metres around 1 pm. If you want to truly enjoy the monsoon at Marine Drive instead of flocking the rough area, visit these nearby joints and just enjoy.

Pizza 1

Pizza By The Bay
What better than enjoying a classic pizza at a spacious eatery with soothing ambiance and sea views. Apart from classic, you can also gorge on gourmet and barbeque pizzas by the bay. The restaurant is located just opposite Marine Drive and offers pizzas, pastas, risottos and everything Italian.

This is not a proper restaurant a stall opposite Chowpatty. The best way to enjoy monsoon is having an ice-cream on the Chowpatty. The place offers some amazing juices, ice-creams and sandwiches. Green chilly ice cream is a must try here. It starts off with a sweet and leaves a spicy taste.


If you are on a budget head to Crystal. The tiny joint serves home-styled food. If you manage to get a table near the door you can enjoy the sea-view.

Cafe by the beach
Located on the Chowpatty beach, the restaurant gives you a Goa feeling. The place with tables, chairs and sun loungers strewn over a blanket of sand serves amazing sandwiches with iced tea.

Chowpatty stalls
If you are planning to gorge on some street food this is the place you need to be. The place has an array of stalls that offers food to suit every palate be it vada pav, sandwiches, dosas, chaat or kebabs.