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Summer blues: Beware of viral fever and diarrhea


Mumbai :  After flip-flop weather for months, summer is finally here for Mumbaikars. However, the onset of summer has seen a jump in cases of dizziness, viral fever and diarrhoea in the past one week owing to rising temperatures in the metropolis. Health experts have said the rising humidity leads to bodily changes and affects people’s health leading to weakness and low immunity. City doctors have therefore, emphasised on high intake of fluids and water in order to stay hydrated the whole day.

On Friday, the city registered a maximum temperature of 33.6 degree Celsius and minimum temperature of 24 degrees. Santacruz witnessed a humidity level of 75% and Colaba witnessed a humidity level of 86%. Indian Meteorological Department sources revealed that the temperatures are going to surge in the next week to 34 degrees leading to more humidity in the city. This has caused worry among doctors owing to rise in complaints of people with fatigue and exertion.

Shedding more light on the issue, Dr Shahid Bharmare, consultant general physician at Kohinoor Hospital said, “The heat is having adverse effects on people’s health as they are falling prey to viral fever and dizziness. While investigating and following up patients’ cases, we have witnessed a different trend here. The patients do not have cough and cold but they are witnessing body-ache and tiredness. This is because they cannot bear the scorching heat which is making them feel weak from within.”

Health experts further added that people are also turning up with complaints of loose motions which can be a result of contamination of food and water. When asked, Dr Behram Pardiwala, consultant medicine expert at Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai Central said, “During summer season, our food turns stale very early and also people have huge intake of junk food. Consumption of such food can lead to loose motions. Therefore, people should eat fresh and proper cooked food.”

 Precautionary Measures:

  • Include high intake of fluids and water
  • Avoid junk and outside food
  • Cover your head with a cloth to avoid direct heat on your head
  • Avoid having immediate water when you come from outside, give yourself time to cool down
  • Cook your food well and have healthy food to increase your immunity