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Mumbai: Students and teachers say university results delay is ‘harassment’


Mumbai: Students and teachers aired frustration with the delay in the declaration of results on Monday on Mumbai University (MU) campus, at Fort. Teachers said this last moment delay is a form of harassment while students agitated that they are going to miss an opportunity to study further and even apply for a job in India or abroad.

The options of studying further, changing universities, applying for jobs, opting for foreign universities or even working abroad are at high risk. Students protested stating that other universities are not willing to wait for their results therefore though their applications are submitted they cannot opt for higher studies. The final-year students have missed an opportunity to apply for mainly public sector jobs as these job profiles demand a graduation proof.

Students hope that their results are declared by July 31 but they are sceptical about it. Varsha Sharma, a student, said, “I have already missed a job opportunity in an Information Technology (IT) firm as the company insisted on my marksheet. I just hope that I get my result soon so that I do not miss any further opportunity.”

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While another student said, “Universities both in India and abroad are not ready to wait for a long time. We cannot even assure them that we will be able to produce our result by July end because we ourselves are not sure of it.” Teachers of the Bombay University and College Teachers’ Union (BUCTU) regarded this On-Screen Marking (OSM) system for assessment of examination papers as an act of harassment due to the technical glitches.

Madhu Paranjape, general secretary of the union, said, “The examiners have received wrong answer sheets to be assessed of subjects which we do not deal with. The circulars given to teachers who have not started the assessment should be withdrawn as teachers are willing to take the trouble of assessing the papers.”

MU does not have much to justify for this mess but is trying hard to mark the July 31 deadline. MA Khan, MU Registrar, said, “We are trying hard to complete the assessment process. Not all, but a majority of results will be declared by July 31. The slow internet speed is a major reason for the inconvenience caused to teachers.”