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Spa Review: Tattva Spa is a tranquil treat


‘Inhale tranquillity; exhale stress’ – this Tattva Spa mantra kicks in even before your spa treatment does. For one, the newly opened flyover makes traffic snarls a thing of the past at the Radisson Goregaon (West). Step into the silent, swish and scrupulously clean spa section on the ground floor of the hotel and the aromatherapy and soothing music, combined with the tasteful interiors, instantly smooth your customary city scowl.

During our brief consultation with the knowledgeable and helpful spa manager Sumi, both Tattva Spa bestsellers, the Indian Abhyanga and the Potali massage are ruled out – not permitted on a full stomach. Instead my companion and I opt for a Leg Fatigue Reliever and a Vitamin Facial respectively, and make our way to a private room on the upper level for our much-desired pampering session.

Five-star elegance is matched by state of the art facilities, as we lie on our comfortable spa beds and give ourselves up to the expertise of our twin masseuse ‘healers’. Sundays be like this!

The Vitamin Facial, recommended for skin brightening, is a detox facial treatment that is enriched with essential skin vitamins. The healer works to softly relax my facial muscles, gently enhancing blood circulation and improving suppleness of skin. Through closed eyes you blissfully register repeated applications of aromatic scrubs, oils and packs, all combining to detox your presumably toxin-laden visage. Loverly!

The Leg Fatigue Reliever which employs Eastern techniques is evidently a huge hit as well, as my companion revels in the massage which works on the reflex zones and calf muscles. Incorporating a combination of soothing natural oils, the treatment works its magic on tired feet and swollen legs and ankles. It is also said to balance the energy flow in the body.
Both have apparently worked very well, as we are energised for a shopping stint as opposed to slothfully snoozing off our post-lunch afternoon!

Two words of advice: Go now!

Tattva Spa Radisson Goregaon, Junction of S.V. Road, Veer Savarkar Flyover, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400062